Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31 of 31

Sean woke up this morning with two swollen little pockets on his bottom gums. I am hoping this mean he'll have his bottom teeth soon! They are sooo swollen, and it's very visible. I knew his feeling under the weather lately was attributed to something! I can't wait for his first tooth to come in! I will be checking every day for that little guy to push his first tooth out! It's about time!

We left by noon today (2 hours past when I wanted to leave!) to go to Mississauga, Ontario (just past Toronto) to visit with Jamie's step-family. We stayed at his Step-brother's house. Since it's about a 7 hour drive to his place, I brought some knitting in the car.

I cast on for Jamie's anniversary socks. 19 days until our 2nd wedding anniversary. I think I can do it. And these beautiful Rosewood knitting needles I'm using, are just absolutely smooth. I got them with a gift certificate that Jenn gave me for my birthday.

Here is Sean unpacking his suitcase in Toronto. He was very excited to finally arrive in Toronto. He didn't really want to be in his car seat any longer. (I fear the car ride home).

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

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