Thursday, August 16, 2007

33 Weeks

Today Sean is 33 weeks old. His hair is becoming thicker and more like his daddy (but remaining very strawberry blonde). When it's really warm it curls like his daddy. (His daddy has hair just like Kramer on Seinfeld. I make fun of it when he needs to get a haircut badly). If you click on the link I hyperlinked Kramer's name to, that's an example of Jamie's hair when he needs a haircut! At that point, he wears a hat and hides it!

Sean had fun this morning playing in his room while mommy did some chores around the house. He is very good with playing by himself, and even though we entertain him a lot, I do also want him to learn that he can play on his own and still have fun.

At one point I checked in on him, and found him by his toy cubbies, checking out what was in the buckets. After this picture I made sure there was enough toys for him to find in there, incase he wanted to start throwing things on the floor - I didn't mind. This mess is a good mess, it means he's having fun.

Sean likes to play peek-a-boo with his playhouse. He giggles when you hide and then re-appear.

And he's figured out that you can open the door and crawl through and there is a whole other world of playhouse on the other side of the door! This was a great toy that I got for him at my baby shower from my mom's 1st cousin and her family. He just loves it.

Sean's afternoon nap was very important today because he was a tad cranky and he just couldn't stop rubbing his eyes. I DID NOT want to take the chance of waking him up, so I decided to test out a new system. I turned his playpen upside down, and put it over him, this way, if he woke up, he wouldn't be able to crawl off the bed. I placed him in the center of my bed, and in the center of it. I was able to feel good about doing my chores and stuff around the house, without worrying that he was on my bed, and if he woke up and I didn't hear him, that he could possibly crawl right off the bed.

My "invention" seemed to work for today! I don't know if I'll do this often, but if I need him to nap and I don't want to risk him waking up upon transferring him into his crib, then I may just use thise method again. I tested it, and there was no way it would collapse over him, everything locks into place, and you need extreme force to collapse it. Nothing an 18 and a half (maybe 19 lb) baby could do.

I gave Sean carrots again tonight for dinner. He ate them! No faces were made, and he gobbled it all up. I waited about a month or so since the last time I tried giving him carrots. I know that when a baby grows, their taste buds are always changing too, so even though last time he didn't like them, now he does. The same thing happened with butternut squash. When he first tried it, he hated it. Gave him some more like two months later, it was a huge success!

Today I got the coupon for the free Easy-Off cleaner in the mail. That was speedy. I think I just called them the other day to let them know I had a can that was three quarters full almost and didn't want to spray anymore. I will make sure to pick up another bottle the next time I'm at the pharmacy or Walmart. It doesn't matter if it's on sale or not, because the coupon has no value, just says for 1 free bottle. This almost makes me want to call up SprayNwash and bitch about the tshirt that their product stained. It was my fave shirt. Thank goodies I had two of the same shirt. I learned my lesson using their shit product!

In knitting news, my September sock club is Sold Out! I have now listed the October sock club, and all the details are on the site. October's sock club kit is looking fabulous as well as the works in progress for November's sock club. I think I am going to have to sign myself up for each and every one of them, so that I don't miss out on a colorway myself. I'm addicted to handpainted yarn. Especially when it's sock yarn!

In other knitting news, I cast on my 2nd sleeve tonight. I worked about 5 rows while Jamie & I watched Big Brother 8. I love that show. I want Eric to win. (America's Player). I want Amber gone, because she's too emotional, and Evil Dick is driving me insane too. So I'm rooting for Eric.

The August BMFA STR Sock Club kits have shipped. I can't wait to get that in the mail and see what the colorway is. I don't know why, but I am saving all my club kits for a late date to knit with. Just because. No reason. Does anyone happen to know if this year's members get priority to sign up again for next year's? Was it like that from last year to this year? I'm just curious.


Summer said...

Sean is so adorable!! Love the pics of him in the playhouse!! Too precious!!

That was fast with getting the free can!

Amanda said...

I don't remember if last year's members get priority - I think they may have heard about the sign-up date first, but didn't get to actually sign up. Thanks for the heads' up - looks like ours will ship next week in the US!

LizzieK8 said...

Why not just build a pallet on the floor for him to sleep on?

Drea said...

HAHA!!! what a great idea w/ the packnplay! and grief girl hes got a butt load of toys, imagine how your house will look in 2 years LOL!!

Tia said...

Lots of questions... Did I miss a contest for SP11? I was checking out blogs and they have a new questionairre. I wanna make sure my Gmail isn't eating itself.

Sean is adorable. My sister did the upside down playpen, and GiGi has turned out to bed just fine. Good idea though...

You have cute things on your blog for WiPs. Did you create that?

I can't wait for the September socks. What size needles will I need?