Monday, August 27, 2007

August 27 of 31

While out this afternoon picking up some plastic containers at Walmart, I stopped into the photolab to see if Sean's photos happened to be there early. They were! I am not 100% happy with them, (double chin!?) but they are cute. I am re-doing them on Thursday. There is another background that I like, and I'm hoping this time no double chin. It's still cute though. (Also when they take the shot, the screen they show it to you on is soooo small and it's so pixalated, it's nasty! So it was really hard to tell and I didn't notice the double chin thing going on, otherwise, I would have asked her to re-take the photo).

Today, I got some amazing stuff into the shop. However, I am waiting for my new shopping cart to be up & running on my website before I list all that goodness. However, I will not disappoint! That I promise!

All 4 of my McGill student tenants have moved in. They are loud. They walk heavy like an elephant. I hope this it's just the shuffling around of them moving in.... I'm hoping this noise settles down. They smoked pot this morning at 9:30 am on the front balcony. OY. I later on had a "chat" with them, and mentioned that if they want to smoke, no problem, I don't care, just to do it in the back porch, not on the front porch, as there is indeed a rabbi that lives next door. They were cool with switching locations for that, actually they don't have a choice. I do know their parents phone numbers! (Their parents obviously don't know they smoke pot). I won't be mean like that and call, but I can use that to my advantage should I need to threaten them for poor behaviour. Gosh, I really feel like a "mommy" now!

Tomorrow morning Sean & I are going swimming at a friends house with her son who is just a few weeks younger than Sean, and then to see my parents for a bit (They want to see Sean). Tomorrow night I have dinner with a friend, and I am looking forward to that. Haven't seen her since before my birthday.

I have been working slowly but surely on the Stitch Marker Exchange partners. It's taking me a little of time, but if you are waiting for a partner, please be patient with me.

I was able to knit a bit (we're talking a little bit only) on Sophia tonight while watching the last two weeks of Entourage (Still have Sunday's episode to watch). We were a few episodes behind.


Summer said...

I like the pic of Sean! Too cute!!

Jennifer said...

1 chin or 2...he's still adorable!

Shelley said...

Awww...I think that picture of Sean is adorable!

Robin said...

Yikes on the students walking like elephants - that is annoying. And yeah, how stupid are they to smoke on the front porch? Hello?

K. said...

That's one freaking cute picture of Sean!!!!!!!!

g-girl said...

oy..the new tenants walk like elephants and they smoke pot (in the morning no less!)?? yeah, hopefully you won't have to pull out that mommy card and call theirs. ;) the pic of sean is cute though I can see how the double chin would bug you. Oh and in regards to the elephant walking--imagine what it'd feel like if you were on the floor they were actually walking on-I don't know which would be worse!