Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22 of 31

Today I got some stuff taken care of, including some errands. It was nice to know that I just had stuff to do, but in what order, it really didn't matter. I like days like that.

This evening Kadi & Angela came over to celebrate Angela's birthday, which is tomorrow. Kadi tried to introduce me to spinning, but I so far cannot get the hang of it. Maybe another day.

I got a lot of cleaning done upstairs after my guests left. My 1st tenant moves in tomorrow. The rest arrive on Saturday. I wanted to do a cleaning, but surely wasn't scrubbing. I need to tidy up a little bit more tomorrow morning and take a few photos of the washer/dryer area, as I haven't taken photos of it finished. Tonight is our last night of peace & quiet above us until they go home for the summer in April. Hopefully though, next Spring we'll be moving as well.

I got A LOT of knitting done on my Turtleneck Shrug. I think tomorrow, it will be a finished object. So stay tuned for photos!! I am just in love with this project. I can't wait to finish another one of my WIP's next though.

Last night Sean went to bed and woke up again in the middle of the night. Tonight, I put him to bed a little bit later than last night, but not too late, and I'm hoping he sleeps through the night. He went to bed last night thinking it was just a nap, woke up hungry, ate and fell back asleep. I watched some TV and then put him back to sleep. He still sleeping his 10-12 hours, just not at the right hours. I need to get on some sort of "normal" schedule. Tonight he went to bed groggy, but awake still. I put him down after a bottle in his crib, on his back with his head on a little pillow, tucked him in, gave him his Nunu bear and put on Baby Einstein Lullaby Classic. It seems to be working. Not a peep and he was put down awake. I think he's since flipped himself over - last I peeked in.

Tomorrow my grandmother is going to come over to hang out with Sean in the afternoon so that I can do some work. I cannot play with Sean & work at the same time. Unfortunately!


Andrea said...

I never got the hang of the spindle. I even took a course. But I took to the wheel right away. It's much easier.

Danielle said...

Keep trying the spinning, it takes a bit for your fingers to get used to. Starting with a wool courser than Merino helps too! You want a wool with more crimp when learning to spin so that it clings together and you don't keep accidentally throwing the spindle across the room.

Yosemite said...

Don't give up on the spinning. You will eventually have that AHA moment. Remember how knitting was before you got used to it? I know this is different but it is worth it.

AliP said...

I sucked on a spindle ( i didn't actually suck ON a flavor! but I did attempt to spin wool into yarn with one)and found the wheel easier to get the hang of.
You have been SO busy while I was away!! A shop and everything!

kristo said...

Keep trying with the spinning.... it's addicting! I've never tried to use a spindle but I figured out the wheel pretty quickly. If you know somebody who has a wheel maybe they will let you give it a try. (or find a local spinning guild?)

g-girl said...

hopefully the spindle will get easier with practice. can't wait to see your turtleneck shrug! :)hope you enjoyed your last night of peace and quiet before your new tenants move in!