Thursday, August 02, 2007

31 Weeks

Jamie got me an anniversary gift early, and decided that it's stupid for it to sit in the drawer for the next 46 days, so he gave it to me early. It's exactly like the one online that I saw, except it's from a store here in Montreal and has a certificate and all that jazz (for insurance purposes, etc). It's also better quality than the one online (I won't complain!) I fell in love with it's simple design, and it looks good on me! Thank you Jamie, I love it.

I love it. I love it. I love it. Now I just need to figure out what to get him (besides the socks I'm knitting for him!) Why are men so difficult to shop for?

Today Sean is 31 weeks old. He spent the afternoon playing with his grandmother. My mom watched him while I plugged away at their computer doing work. I need about one more day of work, before I can let you in on what I've been working on. It's looking good though, I'll tell you! And I'm using my skills I learned in school. Finally! I was hoping that education wouldn't go down the drain once I became a mom - as much as I want to be a stay-at-home mom!

Secret Pal 11 sign ups have closed. I'm hostessing again this round. I'm so excited to start making my matches, but that won't be until next week. And then I'll have until August 15th to make the matches. Also - sign ups for the Fall Stitch Marker exchange are also closed. We have reached 50 participants, and I think that is a good number for the exchange. Those pals will also be matched up in the next week, and sent out also by August 15th.

I missed the recycling guy this morning (shoot!) You have to see how much we have this week to recycle. I love how much less we're throwing out in the garbage, because we're recycling. I won't throw out anything anymore if I'm out in public and I know the item in question can be recylced. I toss it into my bag, and bring it home for recycling.

It's sooo damn hot around here, that I'm glad to have spent the last 2 days working at my parents computer in central air. I know central air uses up a lot of energy, but I sure miss it. Sean slept last night in our bedroom in his playpen, because it was too hot in his room, and we have a portable A/C unit in our bedroom. Tonight, he's already asleep in our bedroom, which is fine by me.

For those of you who are curious, I have not yet tested out the 2nd little light I bought for after dark reading. I will let you know when I test out the 2nd one. So far, the first one I tested out, has proved to be good.

This evening I meant to get some work done, but after Big Brother 8 was on, I took Sean into our bedroom to lie down to try to get him to sleep, and we both passed out for almost 2 hours. He stayed asleep and I transfered him into the playpen, and now I should get to bed. I hope it rains soon so that this heat wave is broken!


Barb said...

the necklace is really pretty, lucky you!! I joined SP11, they are my fave swaps :) I missed your stitchmarker exchange again LOL I need to bookmark that page so I remember :) :)

robin said...

Very pretty necklace!!!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous necklace! You always have the coolest do you avoid Sean grabbing them?

I know what you're working on...and I can't wait to see it!

Jenny said...

Oh, I just love that necklace. I saw something very similar to it when I was stroller walking at the mall and you are right, the simple design is so pretty and elegant.

Oh, BTW, I think Chloe does like older men--I caught her flirting with a 2 year old the other day!! :-)

g-girl said...

the necklace is lovely. :) gosh, it's hard to believe that we'll be starting up another round of sp! :) I can't wait!!! you are so funny that you hold onto stuff while you're out and about if it's recyclable. hope the heat and humidity start to dissipate for you. :P It sounds as though you've already sort of made your decision about your reading lights there! ;)