Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20 of 31

Today Sean hung out with his Auntie Amy while I did some work upstairs in the soon to be filled apartment (2 days until they move in!) and above is how Sean greated my sister. Full of smiles!

He's soooo cute when he's all happy and playing with his toys. These photos I missed while doing work in my office & upstairs. Somehow, he managed to get the stickers off that car he's holding in his hands, and I have to throw out the car now. The cars were a center piece on the tables at the brunch after his Brit Milah back in January.

I can't believe what a big boy Sean looks like when he stands up by his toy area. I can't believe he's almost 8 months old. His birthday will be here before I know it. Hallowe'en too... I really need to start looking for a Hallowe'en costume for Sean. I can't decide what I want him to be. I'm really in love with Tom Arma's hallowe'en costume collection. They are kind of pricey though. I'll make my list of things I may want him to be (at 10 months old he has no choice!) and figure it out.

Tonight we went out for dinner for my grandmother's birthday. Sean was fascinated by drinking out of a glass. He kept taking a little sip and then wanting more. It was too funny. He also tried to grab the glass a couple of times to hold himself. Just like a big boy.

Now, dinner was a disaster. The waiter shouldn't be a waitor. He should go back to being a student. What a mess. Extra napkins took forever to be brought, we had to ask for bread (when other tables were given upon sitting down and getting their menus), and we also had to ask for re-fills on water. Who has to ask? He's supposed to come around and see if we needed water. Now, my food was brought, I ordered Lobster stuffed pasta. I cut up the first piece to see a long hair in my food. This was not from my head, as you can kind of see in the photos above, my hair was pulled back into a bun. (Not loose). Plus, the hair was IN the pasta, not on top of... GROSS. This is the 2nd restaurant disaster from the past two family dinners at a restaurant. Remember the fiasco about 2 weeks ago? I won't be eating at Al Dente on Monkland for a while. Not until I forget about the hair in my meal.

Tonight Jamie & I caught up on an epsiode of Entourage (we're still 2 episodes behind) and the premiere of Season 3 of Weeds. Too funny. If you have not yet checked out this show, you must. It's just too funny.

Last night Sean - who went to bed at 9:30 pm, probably got freaked out by a nightmare around 2:25 am, and got up. He had a bit of a bottle and fell back to sleep right away. I am trying my best to put him to bed as early as possible without the fear of him waking up too early for a bottle (like this morning in the middle of the night). Tonight, Sean fell asleep just after 10 pm after falling asleep in my arms on the couch after drinking a bottle, and started crying about an hour and a bit later, upon probably having another bad dream. I was able to turn him over onto his back, tuck him in, give him a pacifier, put on Baby Einstein Classic Lullaby CD and he fell back asleep. I am crossing my fingers & knocking on wood, that he now sleeps through the night. Tomorrow is our last Aquababies until October when the Y opens up again after the Jewish Holidays. We're not doing Aquababies this time though, we're going to do 'Starfish'. I will register him tomorrow after our class is over. (Unless I can manage to get to the Y early enough tomorrow morning).

Tomorrow I've got plans with Kadi & Michelle. We're going LYS hopping with Michelle who is in from Toronto. Sean's coming with, and he'll probably want to touch a LOT of yarn.


Summer said...

What a big boy Sean is!!! He looks so grown up standing with his toys. That is just too precious of him drinking water from a cup. Time for a sippy cup, maybe? Very adorble pics!!!

So sorry you had 2 horrible resturant fisaco's. i hope the next time you go out it will be better for you.

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh..that is the sweetest smile ever!! He's just so darn cute!!

That is totally gross about finding a hair in your meal...I hope they brought you a replacement, sans hair!! I remember going to a restaurant about 6 years ago and ordering a chicken ceasar salad...found a dead mosquito in mine - after I was about half way through it...they took it back offered me a new salad (I said no because I was rather grossed out) and just ordered some dessert (thankfully no dead mosquitos in that). They only charged me for the drink and dessert. I haven't been back there since.

mjm knitting said...

HI Robyn,

I have been neglecting my blog roll duties.
I love the new layout and background colour of your blog. It looks great!

Sorry to hear about not one but two restaurant disasters. Yuk!

Jofrog said...

Have fun with your last aquababies class. How is your weight loss doing? The ticker didn't transfer over to the new layout.

Amy said...

We JUST finished watching Weeds season 2 on DVD last night and I'm dying to see season 3. Did you get it on an American channel on your dish?

g-girl said...

he does look big standing in front of his toy area. ugh..sorry to hear about your latest restaurant experience..I hate when they don't bring me bread right away or refill my water too! And the hair! Ugh. :P