Monday, August 13, 2007

August 13 of 31

Today I spent the entire afternoon getting out all my SP11 matches. It took me a good couple of hours, and even had an Exel problem. Gosh, I hate that program sometimes! Today, it decided to insert a hyperlink to every single column & row, for no reason at all, and link it to one of my friends' email address. Grrr! Computers! I was able to do all this work because Sean took a long nap this afternoon. Someone asked me via comments about Sean's napping. He only usually takes 1 nap in the afternoon, but sometimes he takes a nap after getting up in the morning and having his morning bottle.

Finally this evening, while Jamie played softball I hunted down these Oreo's at Walmart. I had a return to do, and while picking up margerine, garlic butter, milk and a few other items, I saw they had these....! I wanted to buy them the other day while doing groceries, but when I asked the girl that I saw who had a package where she got them from, she said "Sorry, last package"... I was sooo mad....! Well, I found them tonight, and the verdict.... DELICIOUS! Pink cookies! Woot!

Sean now has a Nunu. It's a little bear that has a blanket coming out of his head. I am hoping his Nunu will be a comfort to Sean and help him sleep. I will take a picture of Nunu tomorrow, he's currently in the crib with Sean right now, and I'm not risking it! (You can see part of his blue and white Nunu in the bottom right hand corner of the photo).

A few of you asked what the finished Turtleneck Shrug looks like. It will look like this (above).

You can wear it as a shrug, or you can wrap the sleeves around your neck like a scarf (like above picture). I think it's a super awesome knit. And really fast too! I am just about done the first sleeve!

Here is my progress. I am IN LOVE with the colors. It's Cascade 220 Quatro, and I'm using color 5014. I am a total pink person, so this is going to be awesome once finished. I am glad I chose this colorway!
There is ONE (1)! spot left in the September Sock Club over at my shop. Better hurry up if you are interested before someone else snags that last spot! Once the September kits are sold out, I will work on the October club kit, and as soon as I have all the details finalized, I will be putting it up for sale, and you can purchase that one up until October 1st. The October club kit will ship mid-October.


Amanda said...

OH. MY. GAWD. That shrug is SO cool - where is the pattern from? I MUST knit it!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

I absolutely adore the yarn you're using for your shrug. It's beautiful!

Kayt said...

omg that shrug is way toooo freakin' cute! i think i am in love.

Shelby said...

Great shrug!! I love the colorway you chose!

And as for the cookies- I hope they're available in the US- I need to try to get some on my way home today! They look too good. Strawberry Oreos? Can't go wrong with that!!

Anonymous said...

The shrug is adorable and those Oreo's are so tempting, however, they are not available in the US

Shannon said...

Oh my oh my. Loving the shrug, love the oreo's LOL I must find those!

Robin said...

I haven't seen those Oreos yet! The shrug is really cute - i think I remember that pattern from a back issue of Interweave Knits, right? I really like that - and quick, on top of it? Perfect. Go you for already having your SP matches out!! Hope I get my pal today or tomorrow!

Firefly said...

Okay here is my sleep advice from my "vast" nanny experience. It will probably take about a week to get sorted but you need to sit next to his crib and rub his back or tummy. Don't hold him just keep touch contact...your back is going to be sore..gradually you can move to sitting beside the crib while touching him, speaking to him softly so he kows you are still there...hopefully this works so that you can stop the touch and just keep up the verbal cues...eventually you want to move futher and further away from the crib, a bit each day until you make it to the door, sit outside the door, and then you are free. If all goes well each day should get you closer to being free from the hours of holding him while sleeping, it may take more than a week but it is worth it in the long run, try not to pick him up just touch him, comfort him while he stays in the crib. Hope this helps I have spent many hours trying to get this to work on other people kids and the worst case it took the kid an hour to fall asleep, regularly, but then he got used to it and it got better. Good luck!