Thursday, August 23, 2007

34 Weeks

Look at this hair people. Sean's got the Kramer 'fro going on. He gets that from his father.

Sean is 34 weeks today. Yes, that's me in a purple shirt! I am diversifying people!! My grandmother came over today to watch Sean while I did work and says I look good in this color!
People, I am behind on emails. Please forgive me. I have 3 pages of emails in my inbox in hotmail to sort through. I will email all of them back. Just be patient if you're waiting on an email from me.
Tenant number 1 moved in today. The 1 girl. (There are 3 boys moving in on Saturday). So far so good. Went smoothly, and she is very nice. I'm hoping she keeps the boys in line!

I worked on my Turtleneck Shrug a little bit tonight while watching TV with Jamie. (Big Brother 8 - Glad Jenn's gone, rooting for Eric!) It's not done yet, but SOOO close. Check back tomorrow for an FO! (Crossing my fingers).

I am beyond exhausted. Haven't been sleeping well lately. Sean actually slept through the night last night without waking up for a bottle. Also - tonight, at just past 10pm I put Sean in his crib, awake but groggy, with the "routine" and he's asleep! I think this will be successful. Our trick is - no late afternoon to earling evening nap (NO NO!) and make sure he has just had a bottle before putting him to bed. I think we're broken the falling asleep in my arms thing. We just need to work on the naps in the afternoon! Relief!

I am working on a real shopping cart for my shop, paypal's version is not so great, but okay for the meantime. Hopefully it'll be up and running in the next few days. I need to get some technical issues solved, and figure a few things out, but it's pretty neat what I have going on. There also will be some amazing products coming my way in the next few weeks for the shop. I am very excited about that. So stay tuned! October Club kits have been selling and I am very excited about that. The yarn is going to be delicious!

I have not heard from my SP11 Pal yet, but I hear she or he is on vacation until August 29th. I hope she or he is having a good time on vacation, and I hope to hear from them when they get back! I'm very anxiously waiting the first email!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA! You are the bestest friend a girl could have. Hope you had a nice day. All the best today, tomorrow & for the year to come.


jen said...

oh i agree i like purple on you! looks good and with that cute little sean as an accessory ( i don't mean that in ANY kind of negative way) :D
what a cutie!

Jennifer said...

I love the second photo with just the top of his head and the hair- priceless! I can't believe it is 34 weeks already...he looks adorable and you look great! p.s. I don't think I ever said it at the time, but I like the new look for the blog!

g-girl said...

you do look good in lavender! :) i hope the one girl tenant can keep the 3 boys in line..