Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18 of 31

Today we drove about an hour East of Montreal to Bromont (which is 18 minutes north of Cowansville, Quebec) to the Captain of Jamie's softball team's house. This guy works in Montreal, but lives out East. It look us more than an hour to get there due to some construction and traffic, and since Jamie drove I got to read my knitting magazines & knit on my Turtleneck Shrug in the car.

Sean was totally obsessed with grabbing the Heineken bottle out of our hands. He kept trying to put it in his mouth. I kept telling him that he has to wait another 17 and a half years until he's legal to drink some, but he says that his grandpa let him taste some Budweiser back in June, that his daddy should let him try some Heineken.

Not bad for a picture I took myself. I was pretty impressed with these photos. I was able to capture both Sean & I in the frame without chopping off any heads! I wish the teething phase was over, because this kid constantly drools, and in almost ALL the photos I have of him, he's wearing a bib..... never known a kid to always wear a bib before... have you? I also couldn't believe how chilly it was today. We had packed up our bathing suits, as they have an above ground pool where we were today for the BBQ, but it was just too darn chilly. I am so happy that I grabbed Sean's sweater, because the long sleeved shirt he was wearing wasn't cutting it. And I am also happy that I had a jumbo receiving blanket in the car, because at one point he took a nap in my lap, and it was getting even more chilly, and I was glad to wrap him up.

Today Sean graduated from size 2 to size 3 shoes. (Or maybe it's because he was wearing socks?) But anyhow, I had just the perfect pair of Size 3 baby shoes to pull out for him. They matched his outfit so nicely. And I just love them. They are too precious. I think once he outgrows this pair, they are going to be hung in my car. That, or I'll get another pair to hang in my car. I just love them. Sean now officially owns more pairs of shoes than I do. Is that even possible? But his Auntie Amy still wins. She owns way more shoes than the two of us combined. Even three of us combined with the 4 pairs of shoes that Jamie owns.

Yes, I pulled out my knitting today at the BBQ. There was knitting & beer. I did forget to mark down a few rows that I'd knit, but that's okay, I re-counted them when I got home. Just over 100 more rows to knit before I start the decreases for the shoulder. I'll get there.... hopefully soon. I'm anxious to start wearing this already! Just in time for fall to start. I was the only knitter at the BBQ today, and got asked a lot of questions from the men there. Surprisingly!


Caroline said...

Random fact about me : I was born and raised in Cowansville and my mom still lives there.

I also couldn't believe how chilly it was yesterday. I was sort of happy about it though cause I just bought new fall clothes and I was able to wear them. :)

Shannon said...

Awww, cutie shoes. LOVE the pink yarn, and pink yarn + Beer equals BBQ happiness for sure! Sounds like you guys had a nice afternoon.

Amelah said...

Hey are those the shoes i bought him in a few different colors and sizes? they are cute!

I like shoes! What can i say!

Kerry said...

As far as I can see we're still on for the festival on the 16th. Unless I get hit by a bus or something between now and then. LOL I'm really looking forward to the possibilty of learning to use my drop spindle. :-)

The OnLine sells for $13.95 a ball and I'd be more than happy to bring you some. Just let me know what color(s) you want.

Marisol said...

O.K. That is really a sweet picture of you and the baby:)

Love the sneakers hehe...

g-girl said...

i wonder what sean prefers--bud or heineken. lol. cute lil shoes!!