Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8 Months

Sean is 8 months old today. 4 more months until the big first birthday! I cannot believe how close it's getting. Makes me feel old! (Ok, just kidding, I don't feel old!) With a very mobile kid, who is almost walking, (really!) I am chasing after him, and feeling young!

We have good times every day. We like to laugh and scream & play with lots of toys. (Literally)

We also have moments that are to be cherished forever. I love giving him kisses, and I can't wait for him to know how to give kisses back!

This afternoon we went swimming for a bit in my parents pool, however even though the pool was at 95 degrees, I was a little bit cold in the water. I am hoping Sean was okay. He still seemed to have a good time! Maybe it was because the air around was a little bit cooler than the actual temperature of the pool!? I think it's time to get new sunglasses, these ones barely fit him anymore!

This evening on the way home from my parents house, we picked up some groceries at the IGA near my parents house. This location in particular accomodates young children, and Sean got to go into a Little Tikes Car while I did my groceries. The basket for my to put my groceries was behind the car. Cute! I had to take pictures and I'm super glad that I had my camera with me!

This evening Jamie & I watched the Power of 10 because 2 of the Big Brother 8 housemates were on the episode, and then we watched Big Brother right after. I got a few more rows done on Sophia. It's a long knit with almost 200 stitches per row! But it's coming along great, and I love the way it's turning out! It may take me a few months to finish this sweater though, it'll be my first sweater for myself!

I put an air freshner in the hallway between my place and the kid's apartment, and so far so good. I do not smell the smoke right now, and I think they migrated to the back balcony for smoking, because the chairs that were on the front balcony are now gone. Good!

I've also been working really hard on upgrading my shop's website, I am hoping to have that up & running by the weekend before I leave to Toronto (Mississauga) for the weekend.

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g-girl said...

love that second pic--actually love the entire series of pics. :) sean is one cool dude in his shades, isn't he! glad to hear your new tenants really heard you and decided to smoke out back!