Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 5 of 31

Late afternoon after a beautiful Sunday afternoon nap, Sean & I went over to my parents house to swim and have dinner. Sean was being a total cutie in the pool, and I just love this picture of him.

I got to knit a few rows on Jamie's cotton socks. Now that I've knit about 1o rows of ribbing, I am feeling a little better about the cotton. However, I'm still debating what pattern to use to knit them in. I've got to decide asap, as I've got only 44 days left to knit them before our anniversary! I know I can do it - but I'll have to push all other projects aside.

Love my new washer & dryer, they tell how you much time is left. No more guessing "oh, it's going to be this long..." and then I can leave to go do such and such. Now, I know precisely, and I love it! And it's very quick my washer and dryer! It seems a normal load is 44 minutes in the wash, and 50 minutes in the dryer. My old dryer used to take 80 minutes to dry a load. I did my first load tonight. I also have to say how quiet they are. I don't hear a peep out of them while they are running. I just checked on the load of Sean's bibs I just washed and in 50 minutes they're dried. I hope this means I'm going to save on my electricity bill (running it now 30 minutes less than the old machines. Also - my new washing machine uses less soap and I'm hoping that's good too! It's that special High Effeciency (H.E.) soap.

My missing tweezers, yeah, they're back! I have no idea where they went, or how they got back, but they are now on the shelf in my cupboard in the bathroom. No idea how they returned, but I'm not going to ask questions, and I'm just glad they are back. They were my fave pair, and they still are. And I have no idea where they came from, so I can't even replace them, though trust me, I tried!

Tomorrow I'm spending the afternoon at my parents house, hopefully to swim again (weather permitting). Tomorrow night we have a family dinner for my parent's 28th wedding anniversary, which was today.

The sock club kits are flying off the shelves! I think there are 11 spots left for the September club. Just thought I'd let you know, incase you were interested!


Barb said...

awww I love the first pic of Sean too cute!! are you doing the sock club every month? i'm hoping you have Sept. available at the end of Aug but if not, i'll catch the next one :)

Wendy said...

the pic of Sean in the pool is so adorable:)

Jennifer said...

The pool pic is so cute! Yay toes! Good luck on the sock kits, I'm going over to take a look at your site now!

g-girl said...

such an adorable pic of sean! :) i love the colors in jamie's sock! Hope you find a great pattern to go with the yarn. yay that your tweezers returned! :) hope your parents had a happy 28th anniversary. :)

Drea said...

u should enter that pic of him sucking his toe in a contest, that photo is so good!!!