Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25 of 31

Pattern: Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style
Yarn: 2.79 skeins of Cascade 220 Quatro in Color #5014
Needles: 4.5mm/7US
Timeline: Friday August 10th, 2007 - Friday, August 24th, 2007 (Two weeks)

I love it! But this weather was way too hot & muggy to even photograph myself in it!

Falling asleep after a bottle in his playpen. The kid must have been zonked! And yes, this kid has a LOT of toys. I think it's possible he has more toys than I have yarn?

I've decided to destash my Recycled Sari Silk that I bought in the winter. I can't find a project I want to knit with it. I paid 60$ CAD for all three skeins, and I'm willing to part with all three for 45$ CAD (plus shipping or delivery or pick-up in Montreal (Free delivery or pickup!)). Anyone interested? I'd like it to go to a good home where someone will knit it up. This yarn is smoke-free, and pet-free as well. (I don't let the cats near my yarn!) (They prefer purses anyhow and one likes plastic bags, but that's a whole other story). Email me if you're interested.

I don't understand people who can't be alone. First off, I love alone time. Jamie and I each love our alone time. We both like to be with each other, but we can often hang out by ourself within the same house. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about people who cannot be without a relationship. I just can't understand people who jump into another relationship after just getting out of a relationship with someone else. How can someone jump into a new relationship when a recent wound is still healing? I just don't get people. It took me an entire year before being able to start a relationship (with Jamie) after breaking up with my ex (my only other relationship that lasted more than 1 year). I am not saying I hurt for an entire year, but it took me time to trust again, and it took me time to be myself before being myself + 1. I am not saying that I didn't "date" during that year, because I played the field, checked things out, hey a girl needs to have fun, right? But a serious relationship? I just don't get those people who jump from one to another. It's like they can't exist unless they have the +1. Does this even make any sense? I am not talking about married people. I am talking about a situation after ending a relationship with someone. Make sense?

I lost a friend recently, (by choice), and it sort of hurts. I am not going to say it doesn't, but I made the right decision. This friend is a little bit younger than me (which shouldn't make a difference), and while I got married, and bought a house, and had a baby, this friend didn't mature, and move onto the next page of life, like I did. I found it hard to communicate with this person, felt like I had nothing in common anymore, nothing to say. Also - there are other reasons involved as to why I cannot be friends with them anymore, and it's hard. What do you do in a situation like that? Move on, right? It's too bad, because we used to have really good times together, but then life brought us in two different directions. I wish this old friend best of luck in life, but I really hope that this friend realizes the things that they did to get us to where we are now and to why I ended the friendship. Once harm is done to any of my loved ones (I'm not talking physical harm, but emotional/mental), then that's it, c'est fini, bye-bye. I have been wanting to post about this for a while now, I just either a) kept forgetting to do so when I go to post/blog, and b) I didn't have the words to describe how I feel/felt. I still don't know if I am wording this properly, but this is the best that I can, to my abilities of understand the situation. What scares me the most, is that the things that were done were totally out of character, and was instigated by other people. It's sad to think that people stood down to really low levels. I have come to grips with all this now. And I will turn to the next page in the chapter of my life.

I'm officially addicted to Scrabble on Facebook. Anyone want to challenge me? (Michelle is currently KICKING my butt!)

Tenant number 2 moved in today. Tenant number three was supposed to be in from British Columbia, no idea where he is. And Number 4 comes Monday, although he had told me today. Weird. If they arrive when I'm not here, they can still be let into the apartment by the other kids, but they just won't get their keys until I'm home.

Tomorrow Sean & I have my 3rd cousin Oliver's 1st birthday party. I am very excited. I also hope that Sean does NOT cry during the happy birthday song.

Tonight I am working on the Stitch Marker Swap Partners. I am hoping to have those mailed out tomorrow. Stay tuned if you're waiting for a partner or two.

Must go finish Sean's laundry. He needs a cute outfit for the birthday party tomorrow. Must look his best! He doesn't get to go to many parties! I'm also working on Sophia from Debbie Bliss' Rialto book. I watched the movie Year of the Dog tonight with Molly Shannon. Really. Crappy. Movie. 'Nuff said.


Andrea said...

Nice shrug!

What's your name on facebook? I tried to find you the other day and couldn't.

Robin said...

Lots to comment on today! I love your turtleneck shrug and I may have to buy that book just for that pattern. It's very cute on you - great fit, color, everything. I hear ya on not wanting to even take pics of FOs in this weather. I put my last few on my dressform and never went back to take pics on me.

On people that can't be alone, that annoys me no end. I agree with it both in a sense of boyfriends/SOs (they always have to be dating someone and attached at the hip) and relative to friends (they can't go do anything themselves or just read a book or enjoy their own company.) Although I'd say I'm far from anti-social, I can definitely spend time alone and enjoy my own company. I tend to need downtime by myself or just with DH if I've had a lot of days in a row with lots of people around.

On the friend, it is hard when people are at different stages of their lives if they don't make an effort to understand the stage their friend is in. I do think you can mature in different ways, and that not everyone needs to follow the same path in life in order to be mature or grow as a person, but it's hard when someone is just stagnant.

Karine said...

That's a cool shrug, very nice!

g-girl said...

oh no...year of the dog was crappy? Ugh..I moved to the #1 position on my netflix. oh well. :P the turtleneck shrug looks wonderful!! What a fast knit too--I'm sure it helped that you were in love with the yarn you were using! :) I am right there with you regarding people who jump from relationship to relationship. You're right--people like that can't be alone because they don't know how to be alone. Maybe they don't like themselves when they're alone. Who knows. I, like you, really waited before getting into another serious relationship myself. To each his or her own, right? Now as for your former friend--it's hard when things come to that-where you've outgrown someone. That happened to me. Here I was maturing, finding my way through my career and my friend was regressing. She didn't do any harm to anyone or anything we just didn't have much in common anymore and I found myself wondering when she was going to allow herself to grow up.

Kimber said...

Great job on the turtleneck shrug and I love the colour!

As for jumping from relationship to relationship because someone doesn't want to be alone makes zero sense to me. I am a really independent woman myself and find it harder to stay IN a relationship so it doesn't compute to me! Sounds like that type of person may not have an idividual identity of themselves outside of being with another person.

Amanda said...

The Turtleneck Shrug came out great - and it looks wonderful on you. Something to look forward to cooler weather so you can wear it!

K. said...

Love how the shrug came out, that color is gorgeous on you!

About the relationship thing, I guess that it varies depending on the situation...I mean Joel was with a new girl 3 weeks after we broke up and he was happy whereas I'm still in limbo...I guess it's a question of healing and how you felt about the relationship you just got out of...anyhow, you're right that it's a pain to deal with as a friend, I totally agree with that.

Barb said...

I love the turtleneck it looks great!! i'm on Facebook too, add me if ya want :)

Drea said...

awe what a cute turtle neck! ur amazing at knitting!
seans such a lil man