Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15 of 31

This afternoon we had lunch at my parents house and then my mother & I ran some errands. Since I love the lighting in my parents' house, I took some photos of Sean before we left, but he was having too much of a good time, that he didn't want to sit still:

Yep, he hearts his mommy. I love this onesie. On the tush it reads "and my mommy loves me".

Here's your daily dose of smiles people! You can't get enough of them, really. You turn around and back, and the smiles are still there. I love that about my little guy.

Tonight I had two "blind dates". That's what I'm calling them. I invited two people to come to the Montreal Knits Knit Night. So for them, they had no idea whom they were meeting, and so it kind of seemed like a blind date! We joked about that, and it was pretty funny.

Date number 1 was with Sarah who is originally from Edmonton, and we met on Ravelry a few weeks ago. We've been talking online through there, and I convinced her to come knitting (insted of staying on her couch knitting alone!) Sarah is an awesome girl and I hope we didn't scare her off. Sarah - I hope you come to more knitting meetings! She's also going to teach me how to do toe-up socks.

Blind date number 2 was with Melanie. She emailed me a while back about learning how to knit socks. She stumbled across my blog, and since we both live in the same city she asked if I could help, or knew where she could get help. Anyhow, I invited her to come tonight to knit. (When she arrived, I had blanked out for a second who she was, and that really did feel like an "awkward first date" - LOL! But we got over it, and Melanie learned how to do a Heel Gusset!) Melanie - I think I emailed you back at the right address (from memory), but if I didn't get to you, please email me (graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com) and I will email you the info I said I'd email you.

Tonight there was a finished sleeve number 1. I now will be casting on sleeve number 2.

I am still very much in love with the colors that this is knitting up. It's just so "me". I can't wait to wear this shrug. This pattern may be in Scarf Styles, but I was told tonight that Scarf Styles is an Interweave Knit magazine as well, but I cannot find online which issue it's in? Anyone know?

I found this guy today, and had to get him. He holds some stuff in his stomach, but not much. Maybe a few DPN's and a measuring tape. I didn't really need it, but wanted it. He was just too cute, and he was baa-ing to come home with me. I need to name him. Just cuz.

Tonight after getting hom from knitting, Sean who was just fed a bottle from Daddy, fell asleep in my arms within minutes. Ok, no problem. Transfer him into his crib. He wakes up. CRIES. So I give him a pacifier, put on Baby Einstein Lullaby music (or whatever the CD is called) and he is quiet for a few minutes. He then starts to cry. The crying we ignore. The crying now becomes SCREAMING on the top of his lungs. He gets so worked up he starts coughing on his cries/screams. We leave him for a bit. He doesn't give up. Jamie checks on him, he is standing up in his crib, facing the door waiting for us. SCREAMING. Jamie puts him lying down, gives him the pacifier again and leaves the room. This happens again. I go in and get him. Bring him into our bed, he falls asleep again in my arms. Jamie and I know that in Sean's mind he's saying "HA HA, I WIN".... (he got what he wanted, to be in my arms). I wait a bit, I know he's fast asleep, I transfer him back to his room, into his crib. Within seconds he knows where he is, wakes up and starts to cry again. I give him his pacifier, put a rolled blanket behind his back, another rolled one on his other side (he's on his back, but half on the side on an angle) and I tuck another blanket over him and tuck him in. I have the blanket over him also tucked under the two rolled blankets. I put back on the Baby Einstein soothing music, and say good night and leave the room. He huffs and puffs a little bit, but I haven't heard from him since. Once he's asleep, he's out.... but getting there is the challenge lately.

What I can't understand is HOW he realizes he's in his crib and not in my bed anymore, after he's fallen asleep!!

I also can't figure out why he goes to bed so late? Should he not be taking 2 naps anymore? (One in the morning and sometimes one mid-afternoon?) Today he only had a morning nap, none this afternoon (unless you count the 20 minutes in the car on the ride home?). I thought babies are supposed to nap twice a day? Is he over-sleeping at night? Maybe I need to cut down his naps, so that he goes to be earlier? This kid needs a routine, and he's not making it easy on us. This has to change, I'm not liking that he goes to bed when he feels he's tired. Not cool in my books. I just need to figure this out.

And the letting him cry/scream his lungs out. It's. breaking. my. heart.


Shelley said...

First off, I love the new look of your blog!

I'm sending you a big hug over this Sean not going to sleep situation. I remember my mom telling me that when someone told her to put my brother down to bed and let him cry himself to sleep (she used to rock us kids to sleep in a rocking chair)...this was before I was born...she said the first time she did it she put him down and went into the kitchen to do some work. Well my brother started crying and she said she was in the kitchen crying too because it broke her heart as well.

When he starts getting overworked with his crying, i.e. the screaming, my friend said it's ok to pick him up and comfort him for a little while. She said not to let him cry for more than 5-10 mins at a time without going in to comfort him.

Those pics of him are sooooo sweet! I really love that onesie he's wearing!

I love the colour that your shrug is. At first I thought it was a scarf, but I kept reading and saw that it was the arm. Can't wait to see it when it's done. I just haven't been able to do any knitting lately. I want to, just can't get myself to pick it up and knit. I know once I do, I'll not want to put it why do I not pick it up? I think part of it is that I want to start something new but I feel that I should at least finish some of what I've got on the go first. I'm sure I'll work it out though and get back to knitting

LotusKnits said...

R- He should definitely still be napping. And his napping won't cut into his sleeping either. When I worked at the montessori school, for naps we'd put them down on their tummies and pat their bottoms or jiggle them just to give them a soothing rocking vibe. Once they fell asleep we'd gently roll them onto their side or back. It takes some getting used to and some patience, but it does work.

Maggie said...

I can't do cry it out either. What a horrible thing to do to a little guy who doesn't understand why you left him there!

I've been trying this:
Rock him to sleep, lay him down (he might not like the cold sheets - try flannel ones or put a fuzzy blankie down), if he wakes up try patting him or rubbing his back to see if he calms down. If he doesn't pick him up and rock him until he's calm/sleepy again. Lay him back down. Repeat the process until he (finally) falls asleep. That way he knows you are there to comfort him if he needs it, but that he's still going to end up in his bed. After a few nights he will get the message and go to bed more easily.

Also, about naps - every baby is different. Oliver still naps 2 or 3 times a day for about an hour each. The books all say as long as he's not cranky and he still sleeps well at night then it's ok not to nap.

craft-chick said...

As backwards as it may seem sometimes if a baby isn't napping ENOUGH during the day they become overtired and don't go down right. I'll send you an email with the rest of what I was going to say.

Jenn said...

The problem are checking on him. He sees you or daddy and then thinks, hey, the screaming is working.....they came in to me. YOU CAN'T GO IN. Keep the door open a crack and peek in at him, but don;t let him see you!!!!!!!

kristo said...

I think each baby is different and there is no magical solution, but... I find that Kaylen sleeps better when she is not over-tired. It's better if she does have her naps during the day and also goes to bed fairly early. When she stays up late, that is when we all end up having a stressful evening!
Good luck on finding whatever works for Sean.
(I found that a bath in the evening helps her go to bed happier too)

g-girl said...

I was gonna suggest what LotusKnits said--to maybe pat him on his bottom while going to can rub his back as well. I think sean knows the difference btwn your bed and his crib because for one, his crib is probably colder. Not only is your bed warmer but it's probably more comfy for him too. your sleeve looks great--I can see you wearing this shrug all the time!

IrishGirl said...

My oldest boy did the same thing...he wanted to sleep ON me. What worked for me was to take my nightgown that I had worn the night before (a big tee shirt really) and lay it in the crib, then put him down on it when he was groggy, but not asleep. My husband actually was the one who came up with this when I was out. The smell and feel of mommy was all it took. Other than that consistency is key. There will still be set backs, but just keep up your routine and he will eventually settle back into it. Growth spurts, teething, sick, etc. can mess it up here and there. Just stick w/your routine when he's better. I'm with Kristo about the warm bath.

=] Bren ps loving the shrug!

Amelah said...

Awww my poor little nephew! Breaks my heart to hear him cry but i can imagine what it does to you! Just remember that we dont need a "Vanessa" on our hands...a 5 year sleeeping in bed with mommy and daddy! LOL Did u try asking our mom what to do in a situation like this? Then again we 3 were perfect kids and never did that right LOL

Love the daily dose of smiles! Love my nephew more tho lol