Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14 of 31

This morning I tested out the waterproof digital camera at Sean's Aqua class. Here are the results of some of the photos (and these were the best ones).

(Yes, Sean has a habit of keeping his feet in the air while on his back, we're working on correcting that).

Tomorrow, this camera (piece of crap) is going back to Walmart. I got what I paid for. 24$ worth of plastic crap. Oh well, I tried it out.

Next week is Sean's last Aquababies class. There is another on starting in October after all the high Jewish holidays, but I don't think I am going to enroll him in the Aquababies (which is supposed to be 3 weeks - 6 months old ages) because they're adding in massage therapy for the babies, and upping the price from 90$ to 150$, so I think I am going to enroll him in Starfish, which is the next age group up 6 months - 18 months I think is the range. Still on Tuesday mornings, but at 9:30 am instead of 10 am, and this time it's an English class not French only. We'll see. Registration doesn't start until next week.

My mom came over for lunch and then watched Sean while I went upstairs and used bleach on the mould in the bathtub. Now, I have pictures from 2 months before my last tenant moved in, and if you remember, the place was pretty much empty because my ex-tenant before my last one, never even officially moved in. She was using the lease for her court case for custody of her children, to "prove she had somewhere to live with them..." Anyhow, there was NO mould on the walls when I took the pictures on July 2nd, 2006 (picture below). My last tenant moved in Sept 9, 2006. Upon her moving out, there was mould on the walls, (black crud creeping up the walls - that shit is alive!)

The white grouting above is WHITE - not black! Also - the tub now has a weird discoloration around the tub drain. If you see above, it's a clean tub. Well, not anymore. I have no idea what my last tenants did, but now I have the estimate from the repair guy on how much it would cost to put what she did (damages for washer & dryer) "back to normal". She will most probably lose at rental board court, I have everything documented. Anyhow, next week I'll take a trip downtown to Olympic village and take care of the rental board stuff.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, the bleach took the mould right off. I now need to re-grout (wanted the bleach to sit at least 24 hours), and I'll start re-grouting the large wall of the tub and the wall where the faucets are on Thursday. That's all that needs re-grouting right now. My first tenant arrives next Thursday, so I have to get it done this week - no more procrastination!

So happy the bleach worked, because the vinegar and water solution that someone else told me to do, didn't work. It just made the place smell like vinegar (pooey!)

Tonight Sean tried Strawberries for the first time ever. He really liked it. I only gave him a small portion because I was warned about Strawberries being a higher risk fruit for allergies. So far, so good, and he loved them. I will wait a few days to see if there is any reaction before giving him more, but he loves blueberries, so I figured he'd love strawberries too.

This evening, we tried letting Sean cry himself to sleep - it didn't work. He was SCREAMING his head off, and he was standing up in his crib, he pulled himself up all the way, barely gripping onto the top of the crib, which his head just just reaches when standing up. Jamie took him out of his crib, he bounced around for about another 45 minutes, and then I gave him a little bit of a bottle, and he passed out in my arms in our bed. I put him down in his crib. HE WOKE UP. Grrr. So, I put a pacifier in his mouth, put on Baby Einstein lullaby music and left him be. I don't hear a peep and the music has now finished, so I'm assuming he has falling asleep. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake him up at an early hour, if he doesn't get up himself, and maybe the earlier I get him up, the earlier he'll go to sleep? This kid just wants to stay up late and party. I guess it doesn't help that his mommy is a night owl.

My sock club for September has just 2 spots left, better go sign up now if you were waiting for whatever reason.... they'll be gone in no time, I'm sure of it!

Speaking of knitting stuff, I finished my first ball of Cascade Quatro on my Turtleneck Shrug. I will post a progress picture tomorrow. The skein ran out short of 23 inches, which is where I have to stop before starting my decreases & cast off. Tomorrow I'll start the 2nd sleeve, very excited for that!

Kimberly over at Woven~n~Spun is having another round of Bingo. My blog name is one of the things being called this round! How neat! Go on over and check it out. I think I may play this time - why not.

Alright, I must stop eating Roasted Sunflower Seeds (Mess all over my desk!) and publish this post and try to go to sleep. See how I wrote 'try'...


Amanda said...

Zud and Comet cocktail is my cleaner of choice for creepy bathtubs. We use it regularly - let's just say J is a slob in his bathroom. Zud is oxalic acid - good stuff. Wear gloves, carry a scrubbie, and don't wear clothes that you ever want to wear again.

But - seriously - it works. And bleach would have been my first suggestion for the grout.

Some things just require an all-out assault. *sigh*

Lucy said...

Just to give you a bit of hope that your child is completely normal, I am a night owl - my oldest daughter was a night owl - we could never got her on a good schedule until we had a reason to (number two was about to be born and I couldn't stay up with her anymore). A couple rough nights, but she transitioned fine. If you want any tips, let me know, but it sounds like you've got a ton of tips ;) just hang in there!

Shelley said...

That really sucks about the camera. I guess if you want a really good one (or one that works much better), you have to spend the $$...which not everyone can do.

Glad to hear you got rid of the mould. That is never good. I have to wonder if they never wiped the walls down after showering? I do hope your next tenents are much cleaner and don't destroy the place!

I think what my friend had said before with regard to letting her baby cry herself to sleep...she would put the baby in her crib and wait for 10 mins (maximum) of her crying. Then she would take her out for a little bit, calm her down, then put her in again. She would cry again and again, but she was persistant with it (said that is what needs to be done...the persistance), and after about a week the baby was fine. I think they do the crying thing because they aren't used to being put to bed that way. I do hope you can find a way to get him to sleep without having to hold him all the time...it must be hard on you if you can't do anything because you have to hold him (not that you don't want to hold him or anything) while he sleeps. Anyway, I'm not a mother, so I shouldn't be passing out advice, LOL. Just passing on info that friends have done that worked...like I said though, it wasn't immediate. Maybe took a week for it to happen, and then eventually the baby would cry herself to sleep in no time...then even the crying stopped.

I wonder if you have yourself a night owl/hawk. Is Sean more awake during the evening/night than during the day...like does he sleep in in the mornings and is more active at night?

craft-chick said...

I completely understand where you are coming from with Sean. On one hand you want him to sleep on his own and on the other you love him and don't want to see him upset (or hear him upset). My little guy was the same way (I am also a night owl) and it took 2 weeks of letting him cry (and scream) before he was able to lie down and go to sleep or lie quietly before he did. We would wait for a few minutes before going into his room and then when we did we did not pick him up, we would pat him on the back, give him baby massage to calm him etc. Some other moms I talked to said that picking them up is what they crave. Good luck, I know you'll figure out what works best for your little man!

Amy said...

Water Baby!!!! He is so cute, standing on hands in the water!