Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20 of 31

First off, a very happy birthday to both Cynthia & to Amy. Hope you both had a good one!

I have no idea where Sean was planning on going here this morning, but after he dropped his bottle on the floor, he decided to go for a roam in his bouncy chair. Now, I'm not using this as a bouncy chair. I'm using it, because it "leans" Sean back, so that he can hold his bottle in the right angle to feed himself. He can feed himself, no problem, but he can't tilt his bottle himself yet, so when he gets to a certain point, he sucks air instead of milk. So, this bouncy chair, which technically is too big for him to "play" in, (which doesn't amuse him anymore) works great to recline him to drink! I can get things done while he's sitting in this chair. Of course he's always next to me, because of what he does (like in the imagine above!) He likes to discover and touch everything...

I received my stitch markers from Sara this morning in the mail. Wow - she outdid herself. She sent along 28 stitch markers! I sure got spoiled. Thank you Sara - I love them all!

Amanda also sent me her leftover sock yarn for Sean's blankie. Thank you Amanda. And no, the color is not too girlie! Dark reds and purples will be fine for his blankie!

My friend Lauren, owner of the new shop Flutterflies, sent me along a belated everything package. (Chanukah from last year, birthday, v-day, stuff for Sean, you name it!) Before Secret Pal started and all that jazz, Lauren and I (we've been friends for just about 10 years now!) have been swapping for just about that long! We send packages of complete randomness (so much fun). Too bad she doesn't knit... it would be so much fun to send her knitting stuff. Maybe one day she'll learn! Above seh sent Sean a gorgeous Pewter frame, a bib for Chanukah (Putting it away for his first Chanukah), a pillow (which I love and wanted to get but couldn't find) for Sean to put his teeth in for the tooth fairy (He needs to grow teeth first though!).

She also sent him some Eagles bottles, some Eagles travel tupperwear (Jamie's a huge Eagles (NFL) fan), and Lauren & her husband are from Philly, and this adorable duck frame, which unfortunately has two small cracks in it, but still useable. (Sean loves ducks!)

She also sent me a notebook (I heart notebooks!) (I think I have way too many right now though!) an "R" mini photo album, an "R" candle, another candle, some GREEN Kool-aid (I see Yarn Dying in my future!) and some other items, ("R" pen, another kooshie pen, some other stuff, which apparently got used and put elsewhere before the photo was taken!)

She also sent me 5 packages of alphabet magnets. You see, the last time Lauren was in town, I mentioned that I can only find capitol letters here. So she sent me some minuscule letters. She sent me 3 packages of capitol letters and 2 of the little ones. Oh, I'm going to have fun writing sentences on my fridge! (Sean loves the colors of the magents, and has taken a liking to the fridge whenever we're in the kitchen, he wants to see the fridge!)

My sister came over tonight after I spent a long day cleaning my office! I organized a bead center, where I'm organizing all my stitch marker supplies, and beads, and all that jazz. I'll show you tomorrow what I mean. Anyhow, my office is looking a lot more organized now, and for today, I can actually see my desk! Didn't think it existed anymore! My sister brought over some outfits she picked up for Sean while in Port Dover, Ontario this past week for Friday the 13th. This year there was 2 Friday the 13ths. (Friday, April 13, 2007, Friday, July 13, 2007). Next year, there is only 1 (Friday, June 13th, 2008). And in 2009, the unfortunate thing is that all 3 Friday the 13ths fall in winter months. (Friday, February 13, 2009, Friday, March 13, 2009, Friday, November 13, 2009). This seems to be an outdoor biking convention. My sister's boyfriend's father drives a Harley. I wonder if there was ever a year that there wasn't a single Friday the 13th?? But from this list, there hasn't been a year without one since 1981. Some years have 1, some years have 3 of them. I just learned something new.

Anyhow, so my sister brought back Sean this adorable outfit in 6-9 month size. (So it fits him now). I don't approve of bikes (I find them dangerous, and I'm scared to be one), but come on, Sean looks too cute in the Harley outfit.

Just look at this bandana hat.... Isn't it just too cute for words? The outfit just is too funny.

And I think Sean's going to be walking one of these days. He's holding onto the couch WITH ONE HAND! This is a new thing. He's been very daring lately!

And mommy kisses. Can't forget about the mommy kisses. Mommy loves to give Sean kisses. Lots of them. I figure I'll get them all in now, for there will be a day that will come, one day, when Sean decides to tell me that I'm not allowed to kiss him anymore. (I hope that never happens, but I'm sure it will).

Tonight I started the heel flap on my Jay walkers. Coming out nicely so far. I haven't done a gusset in a long time. (Not since I knit 1 sock of Mrs. Hunters Socks back in August of last year. I do plan on actually making them for myself, that 1 sock was a paid project). Anyhow, since this picture I have finished the heel flap, and I'm onto the next part.

I updated my Etsy shop with two new necklaces. If they don't ever sell, I'll keep them for myself I love them both so much. But now, they're on Etsy, for sale. So go on, take a peek - they're totally cute! I love the colors. And the style. Very chic! I was inspired from a piece my grandmother was wearing when I made them. How cool is that? I have a few other ideas brewing, so look out for some new updates soon.

I plan on doing some sewing this weekend/early next week. I have a special order to do, as well as some stuff I want to whip up. Also - the curtains for my front room. Gotta get those done too. I have the material, just need to find about 2-3 hours while Sean's napping to do them! Next week! Also on my list is to finish grouting the bathroom tub (the rest of the walls will eventually happen (but it's a huge mess to de-grout!) and the sand the stairs to the basement and re-varnish & paint. Those are my summer projects. And I must do the upstairs bathroom before the kids move in next month. I've got just over a month until they all start moving in. I *say* that I have time, but I know that the time will fly by...
Today, Piddleloop Jenn blogged about my stitch markers she got in the mail. She uses my samples to dress up her knitting pouches. I love her blog, go on check it out here.

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Amanda said...

Glad you like the yarn, hon!! J actually proposed to me on a Harley, so I have a soft spot for them - Sean looks adorable!