Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15 of 31

Today Sean tried out his new outfit. I got them the other day, and he just looks so good in orange. I love his little Hawaiian shorts. I'm still curious as to why they put functional pockets on baby items? What's he going to store in there? His pacifier? Sean, with his daily dose of smile that doesn't go away!

This afternoon I grouted the bathtub (one wall). (It's quite the job!) I still have 2 more to de-grout and then re-grout. Then, I have to do the tub upstairs in the apartment we rent out, but I still have about 5 weeks until the kids move in. After I'm done grouting, the next step is sanding my stairs to the basement and varnishing them and then painting the wall around the stairs. Oh, and this is just the start to the long list of house renovations I want to do!

Tonight I went to go see Defending the Caveman at the Centaur Theater. It was about an hour, a 1 man play. It was alright. Some funny bits, but it was damn cold in there, and the guy behind us kept repeating thing the actor was saying, as if the people around him didn't hear it. I wanted to turn around and put tape over his mouth. GRRR!

Tomorrow, I'm finally putting my summer tires back on my car (oops! my winter tires are still on my car!) and getting my car cleaned. Since I won't have my car during this time, I'll be with my mom all day, and we have a ton of errands to do! Well, actually I have a ton of errands to do, she's just being my chauffeur for the day. What does she care, she gets to spend time with Sean!


Amanda said...

Ahh, grouting. My "favorite" of the minor home improvement activities. In our house in Indiana, we had this window in the shower (ugh - don't ask) that I seriously had to regrout once a month. LOVE grouting. Mmmm hmm. :(
Happy home improvement!

Shelley said...

I agree, Sean does look good in orange. I could never understand the whole pockets on baby clothes thing either...

Sure sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you! I don't envy you that. But just think how lovely it will all look once it's done.

Maggie said...

I always tell anyone who asks that the pockets are so they can put money in there. He's ended up with a few extra dollars from the grandparents this way. hehe!