Thursday, July 19, 2007

29 Weeks

Sean is now 29 weeks old. In just a few weeks, he'll be as old as it took to bake him in my belly. He'll be 38 weeks old in just 9 weeks, and that is just crazy. I can't believe just as fast as the pregnancy went by, Sean is getting older and older by the weeks... It really does fly by fast. The time between Monday to Friday flies by so quickly, since there is always a lot of things going on. I think next week, we'll take some down time, hopefully. Relax, sit on the couch and veg out. That sounds nice. Sean agrees. He wants to watch more baby einstein.

Today, we slept in a bit, and then went to do some errands near my mom's house. I did stop at the LYS to see if they would exchange my DPN, and they did! That was very nice of them, especially since I had no bill. But they kinda know me there now, I think because of Sean. He steals their hearts with smiles every time we go in. And they always ask "This is Jakob's cousin, right? How's Jakob doing?"

After we did our errands, we stopped by my parents house. Since it was pouring rain for the most part of the afternoon, we couldn't go swimming, but Sean did get to play with Piper's feet. She laid down and gave her feet to Sean to play with. It was cute.

Sean must weigh what Piper's head alone weighs. I think she's somewhere in the 120 lbs range. I know Bosco (my parents male Great Dane) is somewhere in the 130 lbs weigh range, but Piper is a lot smaller than Bosco. Sean is sooo small compared to Piper, yet he's getting to be a big boy now! Anyhow, Sean was amused by Piper.

On my way home from my parents house, there was crazy traffic. What's one to do in traffic while her son sleeps in the backseat?? KNIT! So I pulled out my Jaywalkers, and got about 4 rows done in traffic. It was bumper to bumper. I only knit while the car was stopped, of course. I'm not that crazy!

Sean's loving the blueberries which he tried yesterday for the first time. So far, no allergic reaction to them. That's two days in a row of eating them. I'm hoping that he has no food allergies, since his parents don't!

I saw this one Froggie Meanie's blog and had to make one for myself. You can create your own here.

Question for you all before I leave you to go to bed for the evening. Birthday Cards. Anniversary Cards. Baby Shower Cards. Wedding Cards. Cards you receive from others. What do you keep? How long do you keep them for? Which do you throw out? Just curious what everyone else does.

Tomorrow (since it's supposed to rain again) I hope to play catch-up with my emails! I have a bunch of over-due emails that need to go out.


Anonymous said...

does it make me a bad person to admit that i throw most cards out almost immediately? i have saved a handful of cards over the years, and most of the people i love know i won't keep them anyhow so have stopped giving them to me!

ps ~ where do you get those counter thingies in your sidebar? i'd love to have some for my knitting projects!

Caroline said...

That pic of you and Sean is fantastic!

craft-chick said...

Cards...I used to save them all, but I realized that would get ridiculous so I have weeded through them and kept cards from loved ones that are special (ie, make me cry). For occasions like Little Man's birth (when we received sooo many cards) I've started scanning them and using them in my digital scrapbook layouts. I scan the front, and then type what was written inside. This approach works nice since you can size them down. It's also nice since I have a hard time throwing things like cards out (this way I'm not completely getting rid of them).

Andrea said...

I like your Meez.

I'm just not a card person in general. Maybe if there was a really special message inside, I would keep it. Otherwise, I'll display them for a couple of weeks than I throw them out.

Jenny said...

I can't believe you were able to knit in traffic--that must have been some killer jam! And that dane is just enormous. You don't realize how big those dogs are until you see them next to a little kid!

g-girl said...

glad to hear you were able to exchange your dpn. i wonder when sean is going to try to put piper's foot in his mouth. lol. I can't believe the traffic was so bad that you were able to knit! as for cards, I used to keep them all and I actually need to go through them to see what should be thrown out. But like craft chick, lately I've been keeping the special ones.