Thursday, July 26, 2007

30 Weeks

So I've put a new ticker on my blog. The countdown until I'm allowed to start house hunting. I try to drop hints sometimes around the house to see if maybe Jamie will change his mind and start hous hunting now, like today I was like "I can't stand this heat, I need central air..." but it's not really sparking his interest right now. So I'll shut up, and watch my countdown. 5 months, 6 days until I can start looking for a new house. I hope it'll be worth the wait.

Sean is now 30 weeks old. Saturday he turns 7 months old. He's now saying "dada" (not my personal choice for a first word (mama would have been perferred) but apparently most babies first words are dada, so I'll be okay, as long as the next one is mama!) He crawls a bit now. He rolls around and rolls in circles, and is trying to figure out how to pull himself up. This little bugger will be walking in no time, I'm sure of it. Wow, he's growing up. He's no longer a baby, but a big boy, in my eyes. He amazes us daily with new things he can do.

As promised here is my finished Jaywalker. I want to cast on number 2, but according to my sidebar, I've got 54 days to go until my 2 year wedding anniversary. I better get crackalacking on Jamie's Cotton socks. I have to figure out what else to get him along with the socks I'm knitting him, as I've requested a specific necklace. (Something like this). I just can't figure out what to get him. He's really hard to shop for. Anyhow, back to the sock, I love my first jaywalker. And trying it on complete - it fits better now than when it was still on the needles. So I'm happy!

Today we went to my parents house for the afternoon. It was way too hot in my house to do anything at all. A steam bath, I tell you. (Central air, central air, oh do I wish for central air).

Ain't this the life? Lounging in a pool raft, drinking a bottle... couldn't ask for anything better!
I finished reading Girl Most Likely To by Poonam Sharma. It was really good, and cute. I'm starting another one, Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey before starting Harry Potter. I'm not ready to indulge in Harry yet. But don't worry - I will soon, I promise. Torn Skirt is only about 200 pages, so I'll be done it in no time.


Summer said...

Those pictures of Sean in the pool is so adorable. That is great that he is starting to get moving and crawling around.

I would love to be able to go house hunting but it isn't the right time for house. I can't until you guys do decide on a house and post pictures.

Jenny said...

Quite the life he has--chilling in the pool with a bottle. I gotta get that hookup!

Barb said...

the Jaywalker looks great!! Sean looks so cute in the pool :)

g-girl said...

your jaywalker looks great-glad it fits and isn't tight like it was when on the needles! the necklace you want is pretty. I love that first pic of sean in his rafty reaching out for something. :)