Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3 of 31

I received today in the mail, my birthday present from Cynthia. Thank you sooo much Cynthia, I love everything! And since it's been a little chilly out lately, (and rainy) I think I'm going to try that tea you've sent! Looks interesting! (I also have some yummy tea that my SP10 Pal Tammy sent along!) I love the cherry notebook, the awesome pink stone necklace, the body lotion, lip balm & soap! Two awesome tea towels, and by far, my FAVE part of this gift, was the Yarn Ball Boogie Keychain:

Ain't it just fab? You can order yours here, if you really really really want one! I know you do!

And another Jaywalkers report. I actually think I like them. The color is growing on me. Yeah, you read that correctly. But don't ever think that Purple will become my new fave color, because it won't. Ever. Anyhow, everyone told me to hang on and keep going with the Jaywalkers, and even though it wasn't the "look" I was going for, I like this. These definitely WON'T be my first pair of jaywalkers, that's for sure.

And last night, while watching Sunday night's episode of Big Love (HBO), I finished Jamie's step-cousin's knitted case for her 30th birthday. I just have to graft it shut. (One of these days). I told you it was a fast knit!

Sean likes to play. He loves being surrounded by toys. He loves toys that make noise. Mommy however is sick of the same toys that make the same noise! I found a pair of Joe Boxer PJ's in this closet that my mother had picked up for him, in 6 month size, and these fit him wonderfully right now. I had found another pair, but they are fleece, and even on a COLD summer day/night, I am NOT putting this kid in fleece. So, I'll get my mom to exchange them, since she picked them up. Too bad, they're cute and are hockey related pj's! Oh well. Oh, and here is your daily dose of smile! This kid is REALLY never without one. (Even when he's crying you can get a smile out of him, almost always!)

This morning Sean & I had his first Aquababies class. The class is taught by a French teacher named Victoria, and it was alright. I won't say it's anything great. One girl, a new mommy to a 3 month old, when she found out the teacher was in French, she left. Had I known that she was going to leave, I would have told her to stay. I had the exact same reaction when I tried to apply for this class a few months ago. However, I got over the fact that it was taught in French, and you know, it's not that. She understands my shy french, (yeah, when I speak french, I get all shy), and I understand her speaking, so we're all good. Plus, there's not much to it. I understand French almost 100%, so there is no reason why I had a bad reaction a few months ago. Anyhow, the two other babies in the class I was in this morning from 10-10:30 (althought we didn't get started until almost 10:15), were more advanced than Sean. Then at 10:30 a WHOLE other bunch of moms & babies came in, apparently there is a 2nd class from 10:30-11 am, which apparently no one cares and I'm allowed to stay, even though I only registered for 1 class. Sean was pooped by about 10:40 am, so I got out of the water and we changed and headed home.

Sean was pooped to the point that he drank a bit in this bottle and passed out for a few hours. Upon waking up the two of us walked over to the shopping center around the corner from my house. We first went to the post office there to mail an Etsy order, and then we picked up a bucket at the general store, as I needed a bucket to pour water to wash Sean's hair when in the bath. I've been using a plastic drinking cup from the kitchen, but I didn't want to keep using those, so I got something specifically to keep in the bathroom for Sean. Then I went to the grocery store to get marinade for my fish for dinner, and while in the grocery store - out of nowhere, it started to POUR rain like I've never seen it before. Dang it! I walked to the shopping center (it's an outdoor mall, so all the shop's doors are to the parking lot of the mall). I have no umbrella, and I'm not dressed for Rain. Neither is Sean. I need to now get a plastic thingy to cover to my stroller. I could probably get an expensive one at the general store. I need to remember to get one. Anyhow, I had to wait it out before being able to walk home. So I went back to the Pharmacy to see if chips were on sale, and ended up buying some Lay's Chips, mmmm! (I shouldn't be eating those, but they are sooo darn good!) (Ketchup flavored are my fave right now!)

This afternoon the guy was supposed to come back to finish doing work upstairs, but he wasn't reachable. He's supposed to be here tomorrow at 10 am, but we'll see if he actually shows up.

Tonight Jamie & I chilled and watched some TV (the ending of On the Lot, Canadian Idol, and Law & Order SVU) and eventually Sean went to bed after a nice relaxing bath, and I'm about to go read a bit and then go to bed.


Barb said...

The ball of yarn keychain is too cute! the Jaywalkers are looking good :)

g-girl said...

ketchup flavored lays??? I don't think we have those here! sorry to hear you guys got caught in the rain. hopefully your aquababies class will get better--and maybe more mommies and babies will join? At least you got to stick around for the class after yours for free. :) your jaywalker looks pretty! :)

Shelley said...

Look at the awesome bunch of goodies you got! I like that keychain...so original!

Sounds like the aquacise class went pretty well. How did Sean like/dislike it?

Ketchup chips are yummy! I never used to care for them, then a few years ago during one lunch time at university, my friend got some and I tried them...I like them now! I've heard that they don't get those in the States...be something interesting to include in a SP package if the pal likes chips and would like to try them.

The Jaywalkers are looking great. I like the way the colours are patterning (is that a word?).

Lisa said...

I love the ball of yarn keychain! I hate hate hate it when I buy yarn that is tied together in places. Irks my nerves to no end...especially when I pay good money for it. I guess it can't be helped though. *sighs*
Thanks for the smile. :) I need to make a pair of jaywalkers but I still have to finish my mom's socks for mother's day. ;-|