Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17 of 31

Sean was napping in my bed today after Aquababies, and was making all sorts of faces and hand movements. Too cute not to share!

He was just so peaceful in my bed after he was done all the faces, so I left him in our bed, surrounded by a million pillows while I took care of some chores around the house, and prepared 2 etsy orders to mail out (which I did this afternoon).

Today in the mail I received a copy of the pattern Monkey by Cookie A. signed. Thank you to Rhoda who got this for me. YOU ROCK!

I love this magazine. I love that it comes with free stuff. I just had to buy it for the sheep point protectors. Aren't they just too cute? And there is actually a few patterns in the magazine that I'd actually like to do one day. I also picked up a copy of Creative Knitting (Sept. 07) issue. I don't buy magazines often, because I have a subscription to Interweave and Knit 1.

Tonight I cast on my FIL's Irish Hiking Scarf, again. I had started it in some cheap Acrylic, but hated working with Red Heart Soft. (UCH). Paton's Decor, while also has some acrylic in it, is better, but I don't think I';ll ever knit with it again after this project is done. Not a fan. It dries out my hands. Gross. My FIL's birthday is in October, so I thought that since i Had the yarn, I'd cast on.

Today, while going to the street that I usually go to get home, I notice a new sign. Between 6 am and 9 am, you are not allowed to turn onto the street. At least it's only in the morning. Because I live on a one-way street that doesn't cut across the main street I live off of, I have to take this street to go around to get to the right direction of my street. Had this sign been 6 am - 6 pm or 9 am - 6pm, I would have had an issue with it. But the chances of me being out using this street that early in the morning on a Monday - Friday, I'm okay with the new sign. It's funny how they have "Nouvelle Signalisation" (New Sign) to announce it. If someone's not going to notice the new sign, they are definitely not going to notice that it says it's new! LOL

Today Sean got his first pair of (imitation) Crocs. They are soooo cute. Though, his feet need to grow before they'll fit into them. But they are just soo cute and tiny. I couldn't resist! (Plus baby shoes are completely inexpensive!)
Today I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in almost 3 years. Sean behaved himself at the restaurant, that was nice. He's a really good kid Sean, he just likes to be vocal (talk/babble) when we're in restaurants. Yet at home, he'll sit quietly while we eat lunch/dinner.

After lunch I ran some errands and pick up some material to make the curtains for the front room (dinning room). I plan to do the exact same as what I did in the den. I hope to get to make those this week, so Jamie can hang them on the weekend. It'll be nice to update that room! What's in there now, is hidious and see-through. I'll take before and after pictures as well.

Tomorrow we have Sean's 6 month (belated) check up. I can't wait to find out how much he actually weighs. My guess, is that he's somewhere between 16.5 - 17.5 lbs. Jamie guesses 18 lbs.

Oh - I got my Pidlee order in the mail today. Jenn marked it as a gift, but I still got charged duty. So, I filled out the form to get my money back, and mailed it off. I hope to get the customs back. It's clearly marked as gift, and they are NOT supposed to charge you duty when it's a gift. If I don't get the money back, it's only 11.72$, but still, it's the principle, that they charged me duty on a gift. I'll photograph it tomorrow, and show you what I got, I haven't really taken it out of the envelope yet, I was too mad about the duty charges! I have not been lucky with duty charges lately!


Andrea said...

You're having bad luck with the mail lately.

I've been tempted to buy that magazine just for the point protectors. Is it worth the $13.95?

g-girl said...

the pics of sean are so cute! glad the pattern arrived safely. :) I was starting to worry. I've been tempted to buy the 'Simply Knitting' magazine myself just because of the point protectors! Maybe they're trying to control traffic by not allowing people to go down that street from 6-9am.

Kayt said...

ooooo waht did you order from jen???

Drea said...

loving the crocs! Caleb wears crocs. we love them.
Sean is a doll. Im giving away a set of skidpants, so check it out!

craft-chick said...

I too know the draw of the Simply Knitting freebies, they have convinced me several times to buy the magazine (I was especially happy with the magnetic pin case that came with pins and an embroidery needle).

Lisa said...

Very cute point protectors! :) I still haven't gotten you a box together.

I loved knitting the IKS. I made it for my grandma, but have wanted to cast on for another one.

Baby crocs are cute! They make me nervous though.

IrishGirl said...

That is SO cute that he was waving his hands & making faces while he slept. He was probably swimming in his dreams. A-dorable.