Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 8 of 31

Today I got to wear a new pair of shoes. I love them so much. (I even have them in silver!)
They are so comfortable, and slip on! I love slip ons. They just work well with my lifestyle. Who has time to do up laces?? I'd rather spend that time knitting!

Today we had a brunch for my out of town cousins who are visiting from California. (I am actually knitting in the photo above). From left to right, myself, Matt, Amy (my sister) and Alyssa. Matt & Aly are my two cousins closest to my age. The other two are a lot younger than me. Aly's a year older than me and Matt's a few years younger. It was really good to see them. We get to see each other every couple of years.

Sean was hard at work at a Rubix cube while we were at the brunch today. In the background you can see Sean's little cousin Jakob fast asleep!

The blackberries are starting to slowly rippen in our backyard. I can't wait to have a ton to eat. They look like they are going to be delicious. Last year, the plant was shaded and didn't produce much, but this year, it's been re-located and is looking healthy!

The purple flower plant is also HEALTHY like you wouldn't believe. They're growing really strong and wild. I wonder what they're called...?

Tonight, since I have Knitting A.D.D. I cast on a tank top from Debbie Bliss' The Baby Knits Book for Sean. It seems like a very fast knit. I know, I know, I already have a sweater cast on for him as well, and I'm working on a million other projects, but I just had to cast-on. Plus, I wanted to see how the Cotton-Ease (Lion Brand) knits up. I got it while on my Yarn Harlot/Webs trip in May at Michaels Craft Shop. This tank, I'm making in 12-24 month size, since he's already wearing 6-12 month size. I think this tank top will look splendid over a collared button down shirt.

Tonight Jamie and I watched the movie Breach with Ryan Phillippe, Laura Linney, Dennis Haysbert (President David Palmer from 24), amongst some other familiar faces. The movie was actually pretty good. We had tried watching Shooter with Mark Whalberg, but 2 minutes into the movie, I decided it wasn't for me, and that Jamie, who'd recommended we watch that movie, can watch it on his own when I'm not around.

I'm *almost* done updating my Ravelry account. (Boy is it addictive) I had been signed up for a while and only had my profile on there. I've added some of the books that I won in my library (there are a TON that are NOT on there...? Like the Harlot's books... I guess it's for Patterned books only?) and I've added what picsk I could find for my FO's and whatever WIP's I have going on right now. I think I've got them all up on there.... I think? If I'm missing some, I'll eevntually realize it, and add them. But for now, I'm done updating. It's a huge time investment! I pretty much have to update it when Sean's sleeping or napping, and at which point, I want to be knitting!


Caroline said...

Love the shoes.

I saw Breach when it was at the theater and I liked it too. Did you know the girl who plays Ryan Phillippe's girlfriend is from Montreal? She was in many shows (French) when she was younger.

craft-chick said...

I knit that tank top for my little man and posted photos of him wearing it during our recent beach trip. It's such a cute knit, and I love the color you picked out!

Jenny said...

I just love those little shoes! I swear I had a pair like those years ago and they were my favs!

Kimber said...

CUTE shoes! I love shoes.... where did you get them?

I am jelous about Ravelry. I think that would help me get organized. I have so much yarn and knitting junk crammed into our little condo...

As for lots of projects on the go, I think that is so normal (well, I do so it must be right?! :) I think when you love knitting and fibre that you get a bit of knitting ADD!).

LOVE that purple flowering plant and that blackberry makes me wish I could just reach into my computer and grab it! Will you be making jam?

Firefly said...

I think that plant is a perrenial vine called Clemantis(I used to work at a greenhouse.)

Lynn said...

I just love your shoes, and your tatoo :)
Enjoy your maternity leave with your beautiful baby, you do some really nice work.

Firefly said...

This is the third time I have tried to post this comment!!! I am pretty sure it is Clemantis, a perrenial vine(I used to work at a greenhouse). If you are getting multiple copies of this post it is bloggers fault!

big_girlfeet said...

cute shoes!!!!
and hey the purple flowers are clematis- i think!

lindsey said...

i think that's a clematis

robin said...

Cute shoes!! And I like that knitting tattoo on your ankle - I need to get something knitting-related. However, I'm a big wuss about needles, so it may not happen.

Ravelry - I don't think I'll ever be done updating mine.

robin said...

Cute shoes!! And I like that knitting tattoo on your ankle - I need to get something knitting-related. However, I'm a big wuss about needles, so it may not happen.

Ravelry - I don't think I'll ever be done updating mine.

Barb said...

LOVE the shoes, I just got similar ones that don't have the strap across the top, they have a bow on the foot part, I should post a pic :) the blackberries look so yummy :)

Kristina said...

and i thought i did all my montreal research prior to arrival... oh, dear! well, i LOVED your city and will likely make it back one day, so will keep you in mind! do you have a favorite yarn shop in the city?

Patty said...

The beautiful purple plant is exactly the same one we have and it's called clematis (no 'n' in the name and here's a link to a site about them:

Ours has gotten HUGE, we never cut it down at the end of the year (I did that the first year, took 2 years to even begin to grow back), we just let it go until spring. Then I pull off any dead leaves or branches. That way it gets nice and full that spring and summer. I also weave the tendrils in and out to make it even bushier. Otherwise, they'll latch on to the lilac bush next to it.

I'll have to send you an email to tell you what nickname we've given it. Haa! See ya, mamasita!

Shelley said...

The shoes are cute! Oh my gosh...I love your tattoo!!!

How do you find the Cotton-Ease? I'm using it in a sweater that I'm knitting up for a 1 year old (it'll go on the mitten tree) and so far I'm not minding it. It knits up fast...faster than my socks at least, lol.

I love blackberries! I hate that they are so expensive in the stores, and you only get a few of them. I just end up buying a "cup" of mixed fruit that has them in it because I can't justify spending $4.99 on what looks like a dozen berries (or even $2.99 or $3.99)...mind you if it were yarn I'd have no problem spending the money on it, but that's a different story, lol.

Drea said...

I love black/raspberries!
and your shoes are darling.. loving the tattoo still ;-) its so cute!

jen said...

i agree with everyone else it's a Clematis. We have several climbing our fences. They are really pretty when they bloom and they bloom most of the summer.

your package is going intomorrow mail! yay! numbers here they come!

love the shoes! LOVE THE TATTOO even more! i like tattos very much but don't have one myself instead i had/have piercings. The tongue has been done for 14 years now. ugh.

ScrapHappy said...

When did you get the new tattoo?????