Saturday, July 28, 2007

7 Months

Sean is 7 months old today. I already listed the new things he learned on Thursday's 30 week post. (Scroll down). I'm not in a gushing mood tonight, so there is no need to repeat. Today he was going through a growth spurt (I think), and wanted to eat every hour almost. That or he was just really really hungry today. Also - he napped for approx. 30 minutes this afternoon, and then again for 24 minutes this evening. I know it's 24 minutes exactly, because Jamie and I started a movie and we paused it at 24 minutes, after starting it just after transferring him into his crib. The movie - Premonition. It was alright. I'm a huge Julian McMahon (from Nip/Tuck) and Sandra Bullock, I like her too. The movie was just alright. Nothing great, but not boring either.

I've been working today on my Chevron Scarf. I've completed 33 pattern repeats. I've got about 19 inches knit so far, and only about 10g per color used up. I've calculated this out. The pattern says it's approx. a 77 and a half inch scarf. 19 inches gets me 10 grams used. The skeins are 150 gram (mediumweight). So I figured it out, and I need approx about 40 grams each per color more. Which means I should have about or around 100 grams left of each color when the scarf is done. I'm thinking there may be enough for a pair of socks with the Rhodonite (since no one was able to locate me a skein, and I refuse to pay 22$US to ship 1 x 19$ skein to Canada). I may have to do the heel in another colorway (which is fine by me), but I think I have enough for socks!!! This makes me happy. I think I may even try them toe up! (This way I'm guaranteed to know how long I can make the leg part). Anyhow, we'll see how much the Chevron Scarf uses. I might just have enough leftovers!

I'm a bad bad bad girl. I cast on for Sophia and knit the first 4 rows. Oh, she's going to be beautiful. A sweater for me! Finally!

I must start on Jamie's anniversary socks. Time's ticking! 52 Days left until they need to be in a gift box, wrapped. (If I'm done early, he ain't getting them early!)

This evening while watching the movie, Sean was having a bottle in our bed, and he was rubbing his feet and pressing them against Jazz. I cannot believe that Jazz was letting him do this! I was shocked. Jazz gets annoyed when we try to nuzzle him with our feet. But Sean, he was letting! Unreal!


Summer said...

HAPPY 7th month Sean!! That is a adorable of Sean with Jazz. I think cats are more tolerante when it comes to kids then adults. That is a great cat you have there!

Wendy said...

Happy 7 months, Sean! I love the colors on your scarf. I am still trying to get into knitting. Remember I mentioned this when I first started reading your blog? LOL! I just founf out my sister knits and is going to give me a lesson when she moves out here to NH!

g-girl said...

do you want to make the scarf 77 in. in length? You could go a bit shorter and have a bit more of the rhodonite leftover for socks. :) the scarf looks great.