Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25 of 31

This morning I prepared dinner (took me about 45 minutes to prepare everything) and just dumped all the ingredients into this crock pot. Set it for 8 hours and left the house for the day. Gosh, I am in LOVE with my crock pot. And it was a gift that I got over & over again. I think between my engagement party, bridal shower & wedding, we received about 8 or 9 crock pots in total. Do people not look at registries to see that I already had one? Most were exchangeable for other items and I kep the best one. This one doesn;'t just have low, medium & high, this one has time settings, etc. It's more "fancy" in the crock-pot world from the ones I've seen. Then again, this crock pot is probably about 3 years old (our engagement party was October 2004, and I'm thinking that possibly maybe be "old" in technology years for a cookware item that is electronical. Who knows. Anyhow, I love love love my crock pot. You can just dump items in and walk away. I think I may have used this once before, but I don't really recall the details. It's been sitting at the back of the cupboard for years. Finally... I found a recipe that I wanted to make, and it was damn delicious. Jamie's excited there are leftovers for his lunch at work tomorrow. I'm excited that he loves that I cooked! (And it really took no effort besides the preparation. (Thinly sliced carrots, cabbage and onion, and I had to take the fat off the stewing beef).

While I was preparing dinner, Sean played nicely in his playpen. He doesn't mind being in there as long as he's surrounded by toys.

This afternoon my mom was done her errands on time, so we made it to the Starz & Stoller movie. This week they were showing I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Cute, and a lot of laughs, but not the best movie ever. But very cute. And I sure laughed a lot. We ended up bumping into my cousin Jenn and my aunt there, and of course little Jakob. Next week is Harry Potter and I'm not up to date with the movies either (I only saw the first and half of the 2nd movie), so I will not be going to see Harry Potter in the theater. I want to actually read all the books first before watching movie 1 again, along with the others. It's just the way I want to do it. Usually - the books are better than the movies. But I don't really know about the Harry Potter ones. Anyone read the books and see the movies? Your opinion? Books better? Movies better?

After the movie I went back to my parents house to swim. There was knitting involved.

Yeah, knitting in the pool. You read correctly and see correctly. I'm nutty - what can I say?

Sean was having fun splashing around in the water with my dad. My mom came swimming as well. Today was soo damn hot outside, and their pool was pretty warm as well. I'm just glad that I was not at home with no central air. Instead I enjoyed the central air and pool at my parents house. Tomorrow I want to sew my new curtains for my front room and sew some needle cases, but if it's this hot out tomorrow, I'm going back to the pool, because the house will be too unbearable.

Again, on the way home, there was bumper to bumper traffic, so my Jaywalkers came out for a walk. And tonight, while watching some TV with Jamie (an episode of Bones, and Sunday night's episode of Entourage (Rhoda were you talking about the mall were Lloyd's ex-boyfriend worked in the sports store?) and then Monday night's HBO Big Love as well), I finished my first Jaywalker. I hope I don't get 2nd sock syndrome, so I'll cast on tomorrow. Pictures will come tomorrow, I already put away my camera for the night, and I don't feel like re-opening photoshop to re-size my image for the blog, etc. Tomorrow a picture, I promise.


Laura said...

The books are definitely better, absolutely no comparison. The movies get better, the first two are my least favorites. However, you have to tell yourself "the movie won't be like the book" over and over when you go to see the movies. As long as you keep that in mind, the movies are enjoyable.

Drea said...

my mom knits like you... everywhere! i get motion sickness easily.. I tried to knit in the car... doesnt work for me. So because the only place I could knit was at home, when the kids were SLEEPING! I lost interest. I never found time to do it... not to mention I get sleepy easy :-)
But I love watching my mom knit. its amazing how fast her hands can purl and all that jaz!!

Laura said...

The Harry Potter movies leave a ton to be desired. THey cut a LOT out of the books, especially the last few, because the books are housebrick sized. I was VERY disappointed with this last one. Don't worry...the books are much better.

Lisa said...

I have read all the HP books and seen all the movies. I watched the first five movies for the first time earlier this month to get ready for the 5th movie.
Here is my take on it...I think the books and movies are wonderful.
I would read the books before the movies. To me there is just no movie that can compare to my imagination. In the movies yes they are cool and whoa they've got awesome details, but when I read the book I'm all comes alive in my mind. There is only so much they can fit into a movie, and these books have so many little details that get left out. I love the movies, but I love the books more.

Lisa said...

We have a crock pot, but we rarely use it. I really do need to get it out and use it more. Andy uses it mostly for chili.

LotusKnits said...

I used to love my crock pot. Think I need to dig it back out again, cause I'm super lazy about cooking these days.

HP - books, books, books, books, a thousand times books. The movies are a pale imitation and leave out a TON of important detail. (and in #5, they do some important things completely different...grr).

Joanna said...

The Harry Potter movies are really well done, but nothing beats the books. J.K. Rowling really has a talent for writing a great suspenseful story. You are really lucky because you can read the whole series without having to wait a year or two between books!

craft-chick said...

I've read the first 6 books (will start #7 tonight), and have seen all five of the movies and I have to agree that reading the books is the best. I love the movies for different reasons, and I was introduced to Harry Potter after having seen the first movie (before I read the book), but you get such a better complete story by reading them. Plus, you don't have to wait until Nov. 2008 to find out what happens in Book 6!

g-girl said...

how exciting that you finished your first jaywalker! woohoo!!!!!!!!! You crack me up--you were knitting in the pool?? that's a nice crock pot--do they all come with that timer thing? Oh, and the mall that Ari is seen walking through (shows my "favorite mall"). I don't know if they used the same store that's in the mall for the show though. It looked amazingly good on tv--it doesn't look that bright irl!

Shelley said...

I love crock pots too!

It's been HOT here the last couple of days too...almost unbearable outside (well at least for me - I don't do well in sun and heat).

What kind of camera do you have? After I start working in Korea and get some money, I want to buy a good digital one - like my SLR 35mm that has the lenses you can manually adjust, only I want digital now. I like focusing on something and making the background blurry...I can't do that with my camera now :o(.

fee said...

I love my crock pot
my sock victim bought me one for my birthday - it rocks.
Love the knitting in the pool - way cool.

Too cold here to even think about swimmers at the moment