Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4 of 30

This is my boy, he's a ladies' man. Whenever we go out, he always flirts with the ladies. I'm going to have to watch out in about 16-18 years from now, most probably!

A box arrived this morning from Blue Moon. I had ordered about a month ago some yarn in mediumweight for the Chevron Scarf. I was not pleased to have to pay duty on this order. Whenever I receive my sock club kit, the value is always low, and I never have to pay duty. I could swear, that the last time I ordered STR from there, I didn't have to pay duty on the 6 skeins I ordered. This time, another story. 24$ and change in duty taxes. (Apparently people at the knitting meetup tonight found the word duty to be funny. I think they heard me say "doody" and as in "Sean made a doody" doody...

I was also not pleased to see this knot in my yarn when I wound it into a cake. Luckily, it's at the end of the skein, when wound, so maybe I won't get to it.

Tonight at the knitting meetup, I cast on and worked on my Chevron Scarf. However, I'm not liking this color combination. I think I had something else pictured in my mind, and well, I do not like this at all. It'll be getting frogged, and I'm not sure what I'm going to try out instead. I do have other color combinations to try, so we'll see. I'll let you know what I come up with.

I'm just not really impressed with the black onyx with this. The fire on the mountain is fun and vibrant, and I thought the "black" onyx would make it jump, but the black onyx is just really dull grey tones, and I don't like it. Looks like Jamie may be getting a pair of grey socks.

Modern 2nd Wedding anniversary gifts are cotton. I'm wondering if I knit him a pair of cotton socks that will be good? I'll try to find some cotton yarn that I like for him, (from my stash though!) (I definitely have!) STR is not cotton, so that won't work, but his birthday is in 5 months, so maybe I'll make him the black onyx socks for his birthday?? He doesn't read my blog, so I don't mind talking about his future gifts here. He loved the last pair of knitted socks I made him, and asked when will I be starting his next pair!

Tonight at the knitting meetup, Kadi & I swapped balls of Berroco love it. Remember I had bought 2 balls for Calorimetry? Well, it only needed one, so we swapped colors, and I'm going to make a 2nd Calorimetry, but this time in this fun "watermelon" colorway, as I call it.

This girl at 2nd Cup tonight walked by us, and was like "Oh my - you guys are soo cute" (Talking to us knitters). And because I was holding someone's copy of Fitted Knits (which I so have to get!) and the girls turns to me and says "Oh, you must be the teacher". It was funny. I told her it wasn't a class, and I wasn't the teacher. After she left, I turned to everyone and was like "Alright class, for your homework tonight..."... and got a good laugh.

It was nice to have Jenn & Jakob at knitting tonight. Sean was totally curious about his little cousin. I think he was confused about what the little baby was.... he kept wanting to play with either Jakob's bib, or grab his arm, etc. It was cute though. I hope as they grow older they are friends as well as cousins.

Tomorrow I have a list of things to accomplish, and today I got a bunch of things done. I'm happy that I spent an hour (two days ago) cleaning up Sean's room (was shocked that it only took me 1 hour and not more than that) and now things are easily accessible, put away, and you can see his floor. Before, there was things everywhere, unfolded clean laundry in baskets on his floor, and we were digging in piles of laundry when we needed a clean bib, etc... because the weather had been to hot to do anything, and I didn't feel like folding laundry & putting things away!

Maybe one of these days the rain will stop and I will be able to sit outside and knit & actually enjoy my backyard. The rain just ruins those plans!

Right now, I'm currently loving the song "Sweet Ones" by Sarah Slean.

Happy July the 4th to all my American friends. What did you do to celebrate?


Barb said...

Try reversing your Chevron (cast on with Fire on the Mountain) and see if you like that combo better I restarted mine, reverse from what I did, and it makes a diffrence, I still ripped mine out LOL i'm not giving up on it i'm going to re-start with STR Rolling Stone and just use 1 colorway. You should get Fitted Knits I LOVE it and already started 1 project and have about 10 more in line LOL

~Jo~ said...

For your chevron scarf, how about using a light natural color yarn instead of the black onyx. The contrast will be greater. :)

Shelley said...

Yeah, that grey takes away from the bright colours of the other skein. Such a shame that there was a knot in one of them...always hate when that happens. Thankfully, so far at least, I haven't had that happen too often - at least once that I can remember.

Sounds like a fun time you guys had at Second Cup! You should have asked that girl if she wanted to join in with ya's!

This weekend I taught my friend's 7 year old daughter to knit. By the time I left she was almost finished 3 rows of garter stitch. She did two rows, then was tired from it and wanted a break. After about an hour (or maybe less) she came back and said she wanted to knit again. She was doing great though. Hopefully she'll work at it during the week. I'll be seeing them on Sunday again and can see what she's got done up to then...

I love that pic of Sean in the Lady's Man tshirt...and no doubt you'll have to beat the girls off him when he gets older...he's such a cutie!

craft-chick said...

For the 4th of July we did something a little weird...we took the little guy to the movies to see Ratatouille. He had popcorn for the first time and loved it! I posted a photo of him outside the theater carrying the popcorn bag...he didn't want to let it go! Later after he went down for bed we watched Independence Day (it's tradition) Hope everyone else had such a laid back day!

Wendy said...

Sean def. is a ladies man! I can totally imagine that he gets a lot of attention when you are out! hee! Especially with that smile.

We were in Burlington, VT on the 4th and it was pouring:( We spent the evening in the hotel pool!! Today was nice though so we went shopping! YAY!!

Andrea said...

I kind of like that colour combo. I'm really liking the Fire on the Mountain. I don't think I've ever really paid attention to it before.

I love fitted knits.

Odd that you had to pay duty on your STR order. Last time I ordered from them (in April), I didn't have to pay anything and I had 4 skeins.