Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11 of 31

I went to go see License to Wed today with my mom, Sean, my cousin Jenn, her son Jakob and my aunt. The movie was alright. Some funny moments, but just alright. While my mom held Sean for a bit, I tried to knit, but it wasn't happening in the dark. I just didn't feel comfortable, and I dropped a stitch, so I got it back on and put it away. I did knit a bit at my mom's house aftewards while Sean drank a bottle. Stars & Strollers (the mommy & baby program at Famous Players) now runs weekly. Next week is Ratatouille, which I think I want to go to with Jenn, since she wants to go too. I don't think I have anything next week.

At Walmart on the way home, I saw this bib. Wasn't buying it for my son, but I thought it was only Kinda funny. "Fait au Quebec" (Made in Quebec). It's the fleur de lys that threw me off from buying it. While I'm a (shy) bilingual born in the Province of Quebec, like my son, I'm not French. I have nothing against the French, but I'm an anglophone, who does speak french. I can't really explain it, but I wasn't buying it. If it said "Fait au Montreal" that would be another story...! My mom had to pick up something at Walmart, and I wanted to see if I could get some lil dippers. Sean has been grabbing the spoon from us while he's eating, so I thought these lil dippers may help him learn to feed himself. They were only $1.47 for the two, so it's worth a try.

This was the cool looking sky on my drive home tonight from my parents house. I love the colors.

My Aunt brought me my birthday present tonight. I had wanted one of these when I saw that Jenn got my mom one as a thank you for hosting her baby shower. It's a necklace stand. Isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to load it up with necklaces!

This is how I'm about to go spend my evening. I just got Fitted Knits in the mail, and I'm finishing off the bottle of wine that I picked up yesterday. I'm loving that Fitted Knits is all about Cascade Yarn. I have yarn in my stash that would be perfecto for this. My first project, is the Two-Tone Shrug, though I'm going ot be knitting it in one-tone.

As I said above, I worked on Sean's tank top for a bit today. It's kind of a boring knit, just purling and knitting in St st. I think tomorrow I'll pick up my Jaywalkers and my Chevron Scarf instead, but all three projects are in my current knitting bag.


Robin said...

Looks like a great way to spend an evening - red wine and Fitted Knits!

I haven't tried to knit in a movie yet but keep saying I want to try - it looks like it would require major mindless knitting (in the round, stockinette stitch, I'm thinking) to pull off without mistakes.

g-girl said...

hmm..the movie was just all right? that kind of sucks..I guess I expected it to be hilarious, judging from the commercials. those lil dippers look cool! the necklace stand is so, so, cool!!!

Shelley said...

That night sky looks beautiful - very colourful!

Can't wait to see the shrug you make from the Fitted Knits book. I haven't used Cascade yarn yet, but I've heard good things about it.

LOL...when you were talking about the necklace stand, and said your aunt had gotten you one and your mom had one...I thought you meant the dress. I thought, gee, that's a fancy dress why would someone buy her a dress like that? LOL...then you said what it was and it made more sense to me. I think I'm a little more tired than I thought I It's very pretty though.