Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29 of 31

This morning we put Sean in his playpen and we installed the new curtains in the dinning room. He loves to play in his playpen. Just loves being surrounded by a lot of toys! He never knows what to touch first!

This was the ugly 1970's curtains. They needed a good washing, which I wasn't doing because I knew I wanted to change them. They actually can spread along the whole entire wall. Right now it's bunched up so it doesn't block that little display cabinet we have next to the curtains, but it can go further.

Jamie took down the ugly curtains and started to work. Yes it's a rather large window, but for a front room, it's kind of small, in my opinion. This house has really tiny windows and I find there is never enough "natural light" in this house. I hate it!

And voila. The after! I did them exactly like the den, the only difference was here we had to install a rod, and in the den, it already had one. Before the rod we installed here, the old curtains were mounted on the ceiling. (A half ass job from the previous owner of this house). The new curtains brighten up the room and make the space look larger as well.

The upgrades we did, just cost us in materials. We did the labour ourselves, (mainly me!) and instead of paying over 1100$ from a quote we got from a blind/curtain company, we paid just over 100$ for material, the tassles to pull the curtains to the side and for the rod. A job well done, I think!

Tonight we went to my parents house for a BBQ. Sean is always full of smiles. Especially out in public - he likes to show his gums (no teeth yet!) Tonight, Sean tried Sweet Potatos with Turkey. His very first meat. Though, I am hoping to either make some chicken myself, or something, because I cannot find turkey or chicken jarred puree by itself. I've only seen it mixed in with stuff.

Tonight I finished grafting close my "Married Sock". It's coming along great! I will not cast on the second sock until I am done Jamie's anniversary cotton socks. I cast on last night for those and did a few rows of ribbing, but I must say that I am not really impressed with the Regia Cotton Surf. The yarn just feels loose. I will knit a few more rows and decide. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of our anniversary, Jamie told me that if I want that necklace, that we should order it. Here is my question though, when it comes to carrots of diamonds. What's the difference between ct and ctw. Ct I know is carrot. (Or is it carot when it's a diamond?) I tried googling this for information, but I came with with nothing. Does anyone know? Like if something is listed as ctw does it mean carot weight? Or it is a lesser quality of carot because it's ctw and not ct?

Found Zeus on the hutch of my desk today. Not sure what made him go up there, but I don't think he's ever hung out up there before.


pahkcah02 said...

Ct refers to the size of the diamond. Eg: a 1 ct diamond generally refers to the size of the diamond on a single diamond ring or in a single stud. Ctw is Carot total weight and refers to the total weight of all diamonds in the design (eg: a past-present-future design; three diamonds, each weighs 1/4 ct = 3/4 ctw).

For fun I used to read Tiffany's catalogs as a kid. Yeah, no shit.

jen said...

the curtains look much much better!
see ya' later 1970s!!

love the sock in this post as well as the other posts. But this one looks like there's a little orange! :D

i'm no help with diamonds, since i refuse to own one, since the money is just blood money between the cartels and diamonds aren't actually sarce.
But i hope it is a pretty necklace!

Wendy said...

your new curtains look great:)

Drea said...

Curtains look fab! and wow Seans loaded with toys! poor taite... doesnt have many, all in storage :-) but not for longgg!!

Lindsay said...

Great curtains! I am just wondering why on earth somebody would want those 70's curtains to cover the wall? Who does that?

g-girl said...

oooh, the draperies look great! :) the room looks better now that the walls aren't covered by the draperies!

Jenny said...

Great job on the curtains! And hooray on getting some bling for the anniversary. Gotta love jewelry!

Robin said...

Great new curtains!!

I see you got your answer on the diamonds, as I'm a little late to the party. Don't forget the "4 Cs" - cut, carat (size), color and clarity. LOL!