Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24 of 31

This afternoon I took Sean to the park around the corner for the first time, despite myself not feeling well still, from last night. Last night was brutal. I am feeling better today, and I'm not going to get into the disgusting details, but I'm still not 100% and I've had a nasty headache all day long.

Sean absolutely LOVED the swings. I definitely will take him back as much as I possibly can.

He even loved the slide. I held him all the way down, but at the end I let him sit there for a photograph. He was actually talking here in this photo... he likes to talk very loudly sometimes!

I also introduced him to sand. He likes sand. So much he wanted to put it in his mouth. (Ew gross). I think next time I decide to introduce him to sand I should come a lot more prepared (with wet-ones) to clean after! (I did learn there is a little baby waiting pool that I will go with Sean this week to. I can go in it with my shorts or pant legs rolled up and Sean I'll just probably put his bathing suit on. It looks like a lot of fun. But there was no time for that today (since he had Aquababies this morning. Aquababies was quiet because of the construction holidays - people must be on vacation).

Sean's feet enjoyed running through the sand. He liked that feeling on his feet! It was so messy!

This evening I went to the post office and Sean helped me mail a package of images to their new owner. My images will be going up in a studio - how cool is that? I am very excited!

And while at the post office I picked up my copy of Harry Potter Book 7, that I missed while we were out at the park. I have been waiting for this last book to come out so I can read them all in order in one shot (Yeah, I'm a geek!) Anyhow, I have about 2 chapters left in the book I'm currently reading, and then I have 1 more book I want to read before this series, and then I'm going to dig in! I can't wait!

To Laura who left me the comment about the Thuja socks (I used the Thuja sock pattern for Jamie's "Married Socks"). Do you have a blog outside of blogger? Because your profile shows that you're part of two KAL's but no blog. If you do have one, leave me a comment, I wanted to email you back from your Thuja comment, but have no info on who you are.

So while I've been working on 'Ma-ma' with Sean, yesterday in the grocery store he gets this burst of energy and starts screaming 'da-da-da-da-da' really loud - Jamie must be practicing behind my back!


jen said...

well my nephew zander was born a month and 2 weeks premature and was whisked off to the Neonatal ICU the minute he was born. And the only people allowed in were mom, dad, and grandparents. Aunties were CRAP out of luck. So i didn't get to see him for 3 weeks.
So his first words were WHIZZO WHIZZO
so my sisters asks him what was WHIZZO WHIZZO? and he says JEEEEN!
So apparently i was his first word and everyone was pissed. I figure rightfully so..since i didn't get to see him for a month after he was born! :D

Drea said...

awe love the red on him. hes sitting up so good! we put taite on a slide the other day (check his blog out) so fun once they start to sit better. wait til he crawls!!!

Maggie said...

don't feel bad, most babies start with dada. He'll get to mama soon enough (or whatever variation he decides to use). He's getting so big, and more handsome every day! It looks like you had lots of fun at the park, although I agree that sand is not such a good idea yet - what a mess!

Wendy said...

He looks so sweet in the swing:) I love his shirt!!

g-girl said...

how cute is sean on the slide!!! Well of course he wanted to put the sand in his mouth! Glad he didn't get away with it. :) love his lil feet in the sand! cute packaging for your harry potter book!

Anonymous said...

I think we'll have to start calling him the heartbreak kid - everytime I see a picture of him I smile :-)

Nicole said...

Sand help. I learned a trick got getting sand off. Baby powder works wonders at getting that sand off especially from between the toes.

PutYourFlareOn said...

I love that box your HP book came in. Mine was just a plain Amazon box. :)