Friday, July 06, 2007

July 6 of 31

Since it's been rainy around here, I decided to sit back and enjoy a tea today. I decided to try the tea that Cynthia sent me in my package that I got this week. It was delicious.

Ginger Twist. I've never heard of this company before, and I've never seen tea in a packet like this before either. It's pretty darn good. Hey - Cynthia - where can I get more?

This image is for Rhoda. Ketchup chips do exist. Maybe they are a Canadian thing?? (But I doubt that?)

Sean was full of beans today. He was STANDING up on the couch leaning against the back, and he was bouncing up and down. He loves to bounce. (While someone's holding him, in his exercauser, you name it!) I think he's full of beans! Or he has ants in his pants.

So, I spent a day or so thinking about my Chevron scarf, and what I wanted to do about it. I decided to pull out a skein of BMFA's Rhondonite, in medium weight, and see how it would look in my chevron scarf with the Black Onyx.

I couldn't believe that there was a knot in this skein too! It's the 2nd skein from this same order, with a knot to tie the yarn together. Total disappointment. What's my luck?

And.... I present to you know, Rhondonite & Black Onyx together. I think they go so well together. Finally - I'm happy about this project. I'm loving the pink mixes in Rhondonite.

The knot in the skein, turned out that it was at the beginning of the cake I wound. Grrr. Not the end of the world, I'll weave it in, but that sucks. Wasn't expecting that to show up. And on top of it, I tried to knit straight with it in there, but it undid as I started knitting .... so I had to take out a few stitches to leave enough to weave in the ends. Grrr!

No further progress on my Jaywalkers.

Right now on my needles I have:
- Jaywalkers
-Chevron Scarf
- Married Socks
- Sean's Cabled Pullover
- Camera case (just needs to be grafted shut)
- Sean's blankie
- Woven Trellis Scarf
- Thrummed Mittens

(I think I need to produce some FO's!)

There is a cat living in my backyard. Actually, I think it's more than just 1 cat. They made themselved comfortable under my balcony for the winter, where we were storing this table set, and lately this one cat has been hanging out on the chair, under the table, etc. I will not feed him, because he won't ever go away if that's the case. I have no idea where he came from, or if he was someone's cat and is lost now. I really don't know.

I saw this today, and wanted to share it with you. So true!! Very very cute indeed!

This afternoon I watched the movie A Good Year with Russell Crowe. It was not bad. It was about a British investment broker who inherits his uncle's chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold. A little bit of a love story, no action, no comedy... so it was just "eh"....

Tonight I played poker with our usual gang, however, I didn't win anything. I went All-in against my father-in-law and lost. He has Queen & Seven, I had Queen & Two, and there was a Queen, and a Seven and a Two on the table. I thought I had him beat, and he had two pairs, with his 7's being higher than my 2's.... grr.... That's okay... usually Jamie kicks ass, so I guess it's someone else's turn to win!

Tonight I watched a bit of Live Earth, and I'll continue tomorrow. I'm going for a hair cut (well, trim really), to get rid of split ends. I haven't trimmed my hair or cut it since I chopped it off last August. Tomorrow night I think we're having dinner at Jamie's dad's place, since his sister will be in town. But if we don't end up going because they come back late from La Ronde, I don't care either way. I really just wanted a chill day tomorrow.


Barb said...

oooohhh I LOVE the new chevron that's going to look great!!

pahkcah02 said...

Ketchup chips are definitely a Canadian thing though I did see crab flavored chips in Baltimore once. The thought of either flavor forces me to throw up in my mouth a little.

Caroline said...

I really do think ketchup chips is a Canadian thing. Or at least, it's a non-US thing, because from what I've heard, they don't have that flavour there.

I actually had ketchup chips for the first time in years yesterday! Yummy!

big_girlfeet said...

yay! isn't it yummy? they actually have a canadian site where you can order online: and also have sample packs of different ones together.
but i got mine at a natural foods store here in vancouver....
i've tried the vanilla one too -it's awesome!

Kayt said...

ok i am love your chevron scarf and am very jealouse of it! Mine looks wonky and bumpy and i don't know why. Well i know it is a tension issues... but you know what i mean.

As far as ketchup potato chips, we can get them here in the states... just very few and far between. the is a company called Ray's. It may be a regional company though. I don't know.

g-girl said...

you know what, your new color combo is so much more you. :) ginger twist tea? What does it taste like (aside from gingery!)? I love ginger tea! :) thanks for the pic of the ketchup flavored lays..I googled, and they're mostly in Canada though some people have spotted them in Virginia..nothing in the west coast. Oh well, one day! :) we watched part of live earth too.

jen said...

i can't tell you how much i miss ketchup lays! mmmmmmmmmm
you can't find them in the states at all!

Heatherly said...

i love the colours on the scarf!
when in canada a couple years ago ketchup chips grossed me out. but crab chips rock! :-) (crab seasoning not crab meat flavoured)

Wendy said...

I have never seen those ketchup chips before! Yummy! You'll have to mail me some! HEE! I always dip my plain chips in ketchup, grosses Michael out!

Firefly said...

I miss Ketchup chips, I have never seen them anywhere in the US and I get them when I am back in Canada all the time...dill pickle are hard to find in NY but I have seen them in other States, ketchup remains missing :(