Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21 of 31

Today was really muggy, and at the end of the evening, when it was Sean's bedtime, this is what his hair looked like:

CRAZY! I think it's going to curl once it gets longer. No doubt about it. His dad's hair looks like Kramer's hair from Seinfeld when it's due time for a haircut, so without a doubt, with my wavy hair, and his daddy's curly hair, his will most probably be blonde curls!

You know he's really fast asleep when he spits out the suss.... He barely takes the thing, which I am happy about, but uses it for comfort sometimes. I'd rather give him the suss than him suck his thumb. The suss you CAN control, the thumb, you cannot. So far, he doesn't really suck his thumb. Yeah, from time to time when he doesn't have anything in site to gnaw on, he sucks on his fingers, (teething!) but not actual thumb sucking.

After having to rip back 10 rows after turning the heel, I ripped back to the heel flap, and re-started the shaping of the heel. I don't recommend knitting after midnight. I was half asleep and I started working on shaping the heel last night. Instead of SSK, I was doing slip slip knit the next stitch, and passed the two slipped stitches over the knit stitch. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. It's slip, slip and knit those two stitches together. Ugh. I was thinking of another project while knititng those. And I couldnt figure out why I only had 3 stitches left on one side and 6 on the other, or something like that, and then I realized I was double decreasing on one side. Anyhow, I left it for this morning, and undid the 10 rows, and restarted. When I got back to the heel flap, I realized there was a dropped stitch (thank goodness I ripped it back!) got my stitch back into the row and now everthing is good. Phew! And voila... today's work, I have a completely turned heel. I now just have to work the length of the foot, and then close it up!

I decided to try it on. (Don't you love my Pooh dressed up as a Sheep pj's?) It's a little snug, but it fits. I just have to make sure it never get shrunk or it really won't ever fit! I know people have had issues with this pattern and the sock fitting snug, so I think next time, I would maybe cast on a few extra stitches, and alter the pattern. I was thinking about possibly adjusting the sock to make it for Jamie, but now i'm thinking against it. I'll find him another pattern.

Jamie did pick out which cotton yarn he wants for his 2nd Wedding Anniversary socks. Modern gift for 2nd anniversary is cotton. (Though he knows I want a necklace, and which one!) He picked out this Cotton Regia from the balls of cotton sock yarn I gave him choice from. It's a nice brown/beige/blue combo. I can't wait to see how it knits up. I just need to figure out what sock pattern I'll be using. Anyone have any man sock suggestions?

My friend Vera has her jewerly online as well. I checked our her site today, she makes beautiful stuff. What's really cool is that Vera's going to take Yoga Teacher classes in August, and in order to graduate she needs guinea pigs. I'm going to help her out, as I really want to try it out again.

Today we watched two movies, and last week's episode of Entourage. The two movies we watched were Blood Diamond which was pretty good, but long. And the other one was 16 Blocks which was a "Meh" movie and short but felt long!

Tomorrow we're doing Brunch with my family and then leaving Sean for a few hours with my parents, while we go see Transformers. We haven't been on a date in a while, and I told him he's not allowed to see this movie without me. So we're off to go see it tomorrow. I can't wait. Looks good. I am a huge Josh Duhamel fan, and he's playing Captain Lennox! (Whoever Captain Lennox is! LOL)

I've already read on a few blogs that people have spent all day today reading the final installment of Harry Potter, and have finished it. I have yet to read any. I have them all, book 7 has been shipped to me (I got notice today - I didn't pay to have it at my door today, I didn't mind), and have been waiting for the final book to then go ahead and sit down and read all of them. Mind you, I started listening to the first book on audio tape not too long ago, but then got distracted from it. I wanted to read them all in one shot... and not have to wait inbetween books. Does that make sense? Anyhow, I'm far along in the book I'm currently reading, so I think there is one or two other books I want to read first, and then I'll start reading the Harry Potter Series. And Sherrie - call me a Geek - see if I care!

I'm jonesing for a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rhodonite in lightweight. I want to make socks with it. (It's the color I have in mediumweight for my Chevron Scarf). However, I refuse to pay 22$ to ship a 19$ skein of yarn to Canada and I refuse to pay duty on it. Anyone have one in their stash they are willing to swap/trade/let me buy? :) If so, leave a comment/email me.


craft-chick said...

Hope you enjoy your date, the husband and I went to see the fifth Harry Potter movie last weekend for our wedding anniversary and hope to see Transformers sometime in the near future. Enjoy rereading Harry Potter as well, I picked my copy up yesterday (no, I did not dress-up), and look forward to reading it next week.

Barb said...

the Jaywalkers look great :) Tomorrow i'll call the LYS and see if they have that colorway if you want :)

Andrea said...

I'm going to be at Lettuce Knit on Tuesday. I can check for you if they have a skein of Rhodenite if you like.

Danielle said...

The socks look lovely.

I happen to be very near a source for this yarn...I don't know if they have this color in stock. My luck with mail may not lead me to say I will send it to you but I might try. (As it will give me a chance to buy some for myself)

g-girl said...

your jaywalker looks good..I didn't know about the fit issue--maybe for the second sock you can cast on with a needle size bigger than the size you're using for the foot of the sock. Just a though. omg..look at that cute lil curl! :)I really liked Blood Diamond too. said...

Hey mamasita - I still can't find those jammies here in the US!! Let me know if you see them again your way, I'd love to get a pair for my bf. You know I'm good for the $!!

Later gator,