Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 31 of 31

This morning I was up at 7:45 am when Sean got up - and Jamie was able to take care of him this morning, so I went off to Walmart. I picked up a new microwave (our old one was possessed by the devil himself) and I picked up a bunch of other items. Amongst these items were these awesome green & blue storage pieces. I've been on this spring cleaning kick ever since I started to become obsessed with Mission Organization and NEAT weekdays on HGTV. I have been wanting to organize my office with it's overflowing shelves for the longest time.... finally it's coming to somewhere. My shelves are now starting to actually be presentable - rather than over flowing with paper and books and stuff. Stuff - yeah - stuff. Stuff accumulates. No idea how, but it just does.

I also picked up this awesome board which is an over-the-door hanger. I had gotten one in the same color for Sean's room. This one is for my office door - to display postcards and stuff that I've received in the mail that I like and want to display. There is still room for some more - some of the ones on there are homemade from postcard swaps I've done in the past - it's just too much fun!

Sean picked a winner this afternoon for my 2nd contest that I held with my SP10 group. This contest was for posting your fave knitting accessory on your blog. I put everyone who participated name into a gift bag, (couldn't find a hat when I needed one), shuffled the bag around to mix up the names, and had Sean stick in his hand and pick one out. He's been learning this week how to grab things with two fingers. He's realized what his hands could do. Sometimes he just sits there and stares at his hands. It's kind of funny. Anyhow, he was VERY helpful in picking a winner. A.O. your prize is on it's way in the mail to you on Monday.

Tonight Jamie and I went on a date to the Habs game. His dad & step-mom babysat for us, it was really nice to get out of the house. I was shocked to learn that Chantal Chamandy (whose CD I just purchased last month online) was there to sing the Canadian National Athem. That was pretty darn cool - and I got it on video on my digital camera. That was just really darn cool! The Habs played a FANTASTIC game, and we won 4-3 against not only the best team in the Eastern Conference - but the BEST team in the league - the Buffalo Sabres. They're the top team right now overall. And we kicked their ass tonight! My gosh was it a fantastic game.

At the hockey game I finished case #3. Case number 4 needs to get knitted up, and then a case for my sister's Ipod and a case for my hubby's Ipod. Those are next in line!

So I've been told that you CAN dye REGIA yarn - thanks for the info Mona. I'm going to gather my stuff to do some dying sometime soon. I'm going to give a test to Regia and also to Lanett. I have 4 skeins between the two (2 50g balls of each) and I'm going to see what I can come up with! I have some fun colors in Kool-aid... so this should be a very fun project!

Tomorrow my parents are coming for brunch, and I'm showing the apartment we have for rent at 2 and again at 2:30pm. If I have time I have some more cleaning up to do in my office, and some stitch markers to make for my stitch marker swap. I have some stuff to photograph to post in my ETSY shop - (link on my sidebar)... and hopefully I can get that done in the next couple of days.

Trying to think if there is anything else I wish I discuss today - but I don't think so. That's probably all for now! Off to go watch some more Prison Break Season 2 with Jamie - we need to catch up for the Seasons final episodes of Season 2 - which are airing. One week until Sopranos starts - I'm sooo darn excited. I think I might be able to find time to finish re-watching the beginning of Season 6 this week... It's only a handful of episodes, I'll plop myself on the couch sometime this week with some knitting and do a marathon!

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g-girl said...

i like those cloth storage bins. I have one that I picked up with the intention of throwing yarn in it but it didn't work out that way.