Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19 of 31

Last night at dinner the restaurant had these tiny little bottles on the table. The cutest things I've ever seen. I had to take one of each home.... I don't ever want to use them - they're just for show...!

For size, here is my Staedtler eraser, which I don't even know why I have, because I don't even think I own a single pencil (I'm a pen girl! Or even marker - but not pencil!)

Today Sean finally realized that his hand works for grasping things. He actually watched his hand go onto the ring and then pull it. He has been holding onto things, but today was the first time he realized that he has full control over that! It was really amazing watching him do this - he's growing too fast - really - I wish it would slow down. I want him to stay this size forever - can he?? Please?! (Today Sean's in yellow ducks - yesterday it was green frogs - gosh I love Old Navy for babies! He's officially in 3-6 month size (12-17 lbs)... my gosh, he's growing!)

Last night when I put him down to sleep - I'd say around 11pm, he woke up at 5 am to eat. I think he got too much sleep during the day - so sleeping through the night was probably out of the question. Anyhow - he had scooched himself (that is the only word I can use to describe it about 20 inches forward or maybe even more - from where I left him earlier. So - that was my cue to take everything out of his crib that was in there.... this kid is going to be crawling before I know it. Better safe than sorry - right?

Tonight I showed up to my Pre/Post Natal Aqua class to learn that the entire pool was in lanes and reserved for some tryout. No one told me that the Aqua class had been cancelled. I was in my bathing suit down by the pool when I asked if the teacher was there, and was informed that she didn't come in due to the pool being closed. I'm very upset about this, because I'm paying for a membership, that I can't seem to use because there isn't any of these classes that I'm paying to use the membership for. Two weeks ago there was no class due to the Maccabi game tryouts. Last week she cancelled the class due to her hubby's birthday being on the same day. Today cancelled cuz someone reserved the pool. And the next 2 weeks are closed due to the pool being closed for painting - which coincides with Pesach (Jewish Holiday that lasts 8 days). I go to a Jewish YMWHA.

Tonight I stupidly watched the current episode of Prison Break on TV because there was nothing else on. I think the current season is at like episode 19 or 20. I've got to start episode 1 from this season. So now I know a few things that happen in the future, ugh! Why did I do that? And then I watched 24 on tv. I worked on my father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf.

I am NOT enjoying working with Acrylic. It's gross against my fingers. I apologize to acrylic lovers. Really - I am not liking the feeling of it. But - I know that I have to use it - because there is no way that my in-laws will remember to not put it into the washing machine and dryer. Acrylic is the best bet. And I thought by using Red Heart Soft Touch it would be softer than normal acrylic - but no. Yeah - I'm a Yarn Snob - what can I say? Acrylic just grosses me out.

Tomorrow night Jamie & I are going on a date for the first time since Sean's been born. He's being babysat by my parents, and we're off to the hockey game. I'm very excited to see the Habs play Boston. We won Saturday night's game against Toronto - in a shootout - and it was a very good game. I'm hoping for a win tomorrow. I'm decking out in Habs gear - and I'll make sure that Sean is wearing his habs jersey at home. (He actually has one!) I hope he'll be a good boy and stay up for a bit while my parents are here, but go to bed like a good boy too! I don't mind if they keep him up while they're here - that just means that he'll sleep good when I get home! LOL. Wow - our first time out together alone without Sean! I wonder how many times I'll call to check on him! Or will I be strong and not? I know 100% he'll be fine with my parents - but I'll still worry - of course!

Alright, I should get Sean awake so he eats now and then sleeps through til morning. I don't want him waking again at 5 am - I can't do it 2 nights in a row! Some nights he can sleep 7-8 hours straight, and others, just 6-7 hours at a time. And as of now, he's been sleeping since 8 pm. Time for a snack and back to bed, and to bed for me. I've got this WILD pain in my neck - not sure from what. Maybe from multi tasking while feeding Sean - I'm not too sure. If it doesn't go away, I must cash in that 30 minute massage I got as a gift when Sean was born! I totally forgot about that!

Alright.... I smell a diaper in need of changing! Good night and happy knitting.


Lana said...

Nice pattern. Check out my knitting on my site sometime.

Lisa said...

aww man I wrote a big long comment but I lost it...bummer.
Anyway! I would request a partial or full refund since you haven't been able to do most of your classes.
I knit the IHS in December, but thankfully it was in wool. My grandma pays close attention to washing directions for clothes so I don't have to worry about her calling with a disaster. I'm using acrylic right now for a hat for a friend bc it might get thrown in the wash. :( My dog took some acrylic wedding bells someone crocheted and was pulling on the yarn. Ugh the sound was worse than anything I have ever heard! I can still hear it and it makes my skin crawl every time I think about it.

Summer said...

I love those little bottles that you got from the restaurant. SO adorable. Great picture of Sean. That knitting you have done is great.

Kimber said...

oooh enjoy your date - you guys deserve it. Now I'm not going to tell you not to think about Sean, because you WILL but remember he is in good hands!

Sorry about the pool thing - I can't believe no one told you that your class was cancelled!

knitknak said...

ha figured it out. it's just not labeled "comment".
What about superwash wool for the scarf in place of acrylic? Debbie bliss has some nice stuff that's supposed to be washable, and I know cascade does a superwash. Just a thought.
It's beautiful though...even if it is the A word!

Robin said...

The teacher of that class sounds really unprofessional!! The husband's birthday is a particularly lame excuse - it's not an all day class or something! I would be very upset. It's not only your money at issue, it's your time. Especially putting on a swimsuit, going there and not finding out until then that your class is cancelled - very annoying.

forgetfulstitcher9 said...

You IHS is coming along nicely, it doesn't look like acrylic, but like you, I too have become a yarn snob and would have thought that the Red Heart Soft would have worked (but still YUCK!) I finished mine back in December, I used Pure Merino, it went so fast, and was amazing to work with. I'm also doing one in Malabrigo (another wonder to work with). I am such a big fan of those little bottles, I would have taken them too. I'm such a condiment freak that they would have been in my purse before the waiter walked away. I'm trying to figure out from reading your blog who the "Habs" are. Boston is playing the Canadiens tonight, so is "habs" a term used up in Canada? I too am a big hockey fan (DH isn't though) I LOVE the Rangers.

Your said...

Sean is so adorable :-)

love the Irish Hiking Scarf - one of my favorites to knit up.

Hope you enjoyed the hockey game :-)

AJ said...

I agree with you on the acrylic. Some are good to work with. Some aren't. I myself don't use it too often. I have become a yarn snob, (after years of only knowing acrylic). I say that if you don't like it, then don't work with it. That's why I get so many UFO's...bored with the pattern or the yarn!

Sean is a little cutie. I know what you mean about wanting him to stay little. I wish Scout could stay this age forever. It's the best. I regret not liking it more with my first one. Scout is trying to sit up on her own, she pretty much can hold her head up. And she's been holding things for a few weeks, though not really trying to grab for them. If her blankie is on her, she will hold onto it. They grow too quickly!

Jennifer said...

I would totally speak to someone at the Y and tell them about all the problems and demand that your membership be extended for the length of time they inconvenienced you by cancelling the class!