Thursday, March 29, 2007

13 Weeks

Today is Thursday - Sean wanted to let you know. I love these "days of the week" onesies! If I didn't have a Gap Gift Certificate at the time - I wouldn't have bought them - I think it was 60$ for the set of 7 onesies. (To be honest, that's not worth it. Not when you can get a pack of 5 for like 9.99 at Winners or at Zellers or even Walmart!)

Here is our Thursday Self Portrait in the mirror. I love doing these. There will be a time when I can't lift Sean and hold the camera anymore - but for now, this still works! He's only 13 or so pounds, so we're okay!

Sean wanted to take a stretch in mommy's yarn today. He's surrounded by sock yarn.

Here is my Socks that Rock order (not club kit - as some people were asking - this is NOT included in my sock club - this I paid for on my own - hurrah for income tax refund - lol!) From left to right; Cracked Crayon, Lucy, Stormy Weather, Lagoon, Little Bunny Foo Foo & Ruby Slippers. All I have to say is.... YUMMY in my tummy!

Tonight I've 98% finished the third case. This one will go to my in-laws tomorrow. I just need to do 4 rows or was it 6 (of decreases) and then graft shut. Piece of cake. Another FO tomorrow.

I got these knitting needles in the mail today from a random online knitting girl I met sent her money via paypal and a week or so later - voila - these AWESOME knitting needles arrive in my mailbox.

I've also been busy making "Name" stitch markers. Here is my name as an example. I've listed them on Etsy - (not my name of course) - but to personalize your own. I have two different ones up for sale - names up to 5 letters and another one names from 6-8 letters long. If your name is more - please let me know - I can arrange that too. They are for sale in my shop here. These would make a GREAT SP10 gift - and I'll even send them directly to your partner. I've already mailed out two sets for people! I hope those girls like their stitch markers! You can get them in all the same color beads - or different colors - those colors are listed in my online listing for the item!

So I've been thinking about dying some sock yarn (wool), and have been doing some research. I have some white Regia - but Regia, because it's not 100% wool - it won't work. It's going Polyamid in it. Had it been Nylon - that would have been okay. But not Polyamid. Oh well. I think I have some Lannett in my stash in a white or cream color - and that will work - so I am dying to get some dying done, as soon as I have some free time! I am going to do a test - and let you all know how it turns out. Of course I will document it with pictures! It'll be my first time trying this! I've even got my Kool-aid at hand!

I have this awesome pattern for Capris - that I REALLY want to make. I even have the material. I just need to lose some more weight before I go ahead and make them. I don't want to make them when I'm still at this weight, because I don't plan on being this weight for much longer. I'm being really strict now with my eating habbits - and I'm back on no sugar and no white flour (unless I'm in a situation where it is unavoidable). I totally thought that I had gained weight while in Jersey - but getting on the scale this morning after not being on it in a while - I'm down another pound from my starting weight. Whoot!

So when I was showing the apartment today (from 5 appointments, 3 showed (I hate it when people confirm an appointment and then stand you up!) the last one I showed the apartment to - I knew him! It was way too funny. Well, the guy who made the appointment, I didn't know - but the friend who came with him.... who is moving out with him... is someone I dated off and on about 10 years ago! I couldn't believe it. Anyhow, as much as I want to get the place rented - I think that would be WAY too weird!

The three that did show up today all seemed interested - so we'll see how it works out. I really need to get the place rented as soon as possible, because I really want to be out of my current tenants hair as soon as possible. I really don't want to see her face again more than I have to. She's turned into the most annoying person ever - and she's driving us up the wall. I am soo happy to be getting rid of her - to be honest. Yes the family is quiet - but ti's the annoying things that bother me. (She's soo insecure, she calls us for everything. I almost feel like I'm babysitting this 40+ woman. I shit you not). Really annoyed. She even called me today to yell at me for the people who didn't show up. I didn't tell her to stay home when I show the place. I am very capable of showing the place without her there - I'm the landlord, I have the key... but no.. she insists that she is home.. and then tells me that it's inconvienient that people don't show up. Like I can control that?? I told her that it is an inconvenience to me too - as I have to stay home and wait for these people to show up... when I could have gone out (not that I was going to - but that I could of - LOL) and she made it seem like it was my fault... I was like "I don't know these people, nor do I know where they live - I've never met them before, I can't control whether they are going to stand me up or not..." And then she proceeds to tell me that I should put "SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY"..... What does she think I am? Stupid? You don't think I did that?

... I swear to god... if only I could kick her out now! LOL I would. Seriously! She's causing unwanted problems for nothing. And she's put duct tape all over the apartment, for no reason at all. She even sealed one closet door shut. Why? Because she's not using it? I've never heard of something like that done before? If there is ONCE OUNCE of stickiness left when she moves out - she's scrubbing it until it's to my satisfaction. I am not kidding about this. I am going to go up a few days before she moves out to make sure that it's to my satisfaction.
But - today was a MUCH better day than yesterday. Sean and I even got a nice 3 hour nap together on the couch - I love it when we cuddle up and nap together. Cuz one day soon enough he'll be too big and I won't be able to do that anymore. You know!?

The letter that I am waiting for from Toronto still has not arrived. It was mailed exactly a week ago. I hope it comes tomorrow - or this is rediculous already. How long does it take for letter mail to arrive from Toronto to Montreal? They up their prices, and they give shittier service - really. What good is that??

Tomorrow I have more cleaning on my schedule, and I plan on emailing out all the matches for the Stitch Marker Exchange. It'll take me some time, as there are over 50 people participating - but I've set time aside to do that. Tomorrow night we have our usual gang over for poker, and I'm not playing, but I'll be hopefully watching TV and knitting. That's the plan anyhow.

Saturday night Sean is being babysat by Nana & Zayda and Jamie & I are going to the Habs game. They're playing Buffalo I believe. I have the tickets somewhere... I better find where I put those!

I'm putting myself on a Yarn Diet. Seriously. I can't keep buying whatever I like! I have the yarn for all my SP10 packages - I already did my shopping. So I'm all set for SP10 in the yarn department. For myself, I'm not going to buy myself any yarn for a while... I'm good for now. Gifts are always accepted though - my birthday is coming up in 78 days. (Wow - under 3 months til I turn 26... and then 27, 28, 29... and I'm soo not ready yet for the next one after that.... thank goodness I still have a few years to go...) (No offence to ANYONE older than me... I'm just personally not ready to be the big 3-0 yet... Still so much I want to do before I hit 30... LOL.

A shout out to my Secret Pal 10 buddy... I don't know if you keep up with my blog - but I apologize if my daily blogging is a little overwhelming! LOL.. I know I'm a posting nut... what can I say. I guess looking in from the outside - it could be a little overwhelming to keep up. Do you guys find that?? (Directed at all my readers). Or do you enjoy my daily posting? Because I certainly can't go to bed without blogging. Is there a group for people like me? BA? (Bloggers Anonymous?!)

Oh - tonight Jamie & I finished watching the movie The Last Casino - which we started watching in the car on the ride home from New Jersey. The DVD player built into the van we rented was acting all stupid and we couldn't finish watching the movie. So we finished it tonight. I really enjoyed this Canadian film. It was filmed in Montreal & Toronto, and living in Montreal I was able to point out places in the movie! It was kind of cool! I recommend this movie if you're into playing cards/casinos.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow Jamie's doing the morning feeding (Sean wakes up anytime between 6 am and 8:30 am). (Two mornings ago it was 6:15 am and this morning it was 8:30 am). (And both nights he went to sleep around the same exact time). This mama is sleeping in tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Thank god for bloglines! It's the only way I can keep up with the 50 or so blogs I like.

I really like the stormy weather STR. I got Little Bunny Foo Foo & Lucy in my order. I made some Cracked Canyon socks as a Christmas gift. But the stormy weather may need to find it's way into my shopping cart.

Drea said...

so jealous of seans sleeping. Taite still wont.
Last night I fed him at 11pm.
He got up at 2:45am! I didnt pick him up tho I just stuck a bottle in his mouth for 2 seconds and he was out. 4:45am rolls around hes up again. this time that didnt work.. so I just fed him 2 oz... and he was out until 8:00am... but that was with help from a swing!

I dont get it.... caleb was never like this lol gtg! breakfast

Barb said...

very yummy yarn!! I love that teal/black (is that what it is??) that's by Sean's feet! the name markers are cute! and LOVE the knitting needles. In December i'll let you know how turning 30 is, that's when my birthday is, and i'll be 30 this year!!! holy crap LOL

Lisa said...

All your yarn is very pretty.
She put duct tape all over the place? That is really odd. I would think if it didn't rip the paint or stain off the walls or doors it would at the very least leave sticky. That is very odd. My landlady is a well never mind. I can't wait to move out of this house. :(
I love your stitch markers :) very cute!
I post all the time, but usually mine are just rambles. :) It's fun for me that way.

AJ said...

I told you that the STR Lucy was worth it! And Shawn loved his Stormy Weather when it came in the mail. I promised him (like two weeks ago), that I would start his socks when I finished with the Lucy. But now, it's totally not sock weather. Oh well.

Sounds like you've been keeping quite busy woman! Get some rest! :)

BTW, lovin' the stitch markers. I'll be checking out your etsy! ;)

Summer said...

Your son is getting more handsome by the week. Great pictures of Sean. Like the yarn that you got.

Mona strickt said...

Robyn, dearest, Polyamide IS nylon. It's just what Europeans call it. You can totally dye Regia, I've done it with Kool Aid.

Just sayin'.

Robin said...

I love the pic of Sean in the yarn basket!! Cute! (I also wanted to mention that I love your glasses - very cool.)

I like your daily blogging, and I aspire to the same frequency but I am not consistent about it. I don't comment every day, but I do read every day.

ScrapHappy said...

That picture of Sean in the stash had me laughing out loud -- TOOO funny.
Tenants suck. All of them. i am sure I sucked, too, when I was a tenant. They have all the entitlement of an owner, but none of the responsibilities.
Duct tape?
She's wacko.

g-girl said...

oooh, i really like lagoon from your str stash. :) I enjoy the daily blogs from you-i just wish I could keep up with them and comment the day you first post them like I used to!