Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3 of 31

I got to sleep in today, which was fantastic. Sean slept in with me, cuddling with me all morning - boy that was nice. The only unfortunate thing is - he's a sweater (just like his daddy!) It's kinda funny - he smells just like his daddy does in the middle of the night! Cute. I have nothing against it - but it's just funny that he has that trait. He also sneezes just like his daddy, and will usually sneeze 4 in a row - just like Jamie! I just hope he doesn't get mommy's lungs - I get bronchitis like 2-3 times a year, and I DO NOT wish that on anyone!

Jamie & I have been watching episodes of Prison Break one after another. We're on episode 8 right now, which we're saving for the next marathon! Maybe tomorrow afternoon? The show is just so damn addictive! I don't know why we haven't watched an episode sooner!?

Some pictures from today:
Raesha - do you recognize the pants? They are from you from our swap that we did in December. He's fitting into them nicely now! (They're still a little too big, but he'll grow into them nicely!)

This is the detail of what's on his bib. It was me who bought 10 different coloured bibs in a package from Toys R Us and got iron-on studs and decorated his bibs. I've done all 10 bibs with different patterns, different iron-on things, and it was a lot of fun. As he wears them I'll photograph them and post them for you to see what I did. I had to jazz up these bibs, they were rather plain!

Now, this t-shirt that Sean is wearing is the cute little t-shirt that says "Me In Amsterdam" on it. It's the shirt that I bought him on our honeymoon - since technically he was there with us, just in my stomach! It's a little tight on him now, but he's also wearing a onesie underneath. So maybe it'll fit him a little longer, but with no onesie. We'll have to see.

I got Sean to sit up on his own - but with the back support of the couch. He's not sitting on his own yet, but I'm sure in due time he will be!

Sean got this outfit from some cousins on Jamie's mom's side of the family, and he was just too cute in it - I had to share this photograph with you. He goes through outfits and outfits in one day, sometimes because of spit up (which is why he got changed out of the Amsterdam tshirt today) and sometimes because he'll pee while on the changing table getting his outfit wet... this kid changes more time in one day than some girls do! He's definitely keeping me on my toes with the laundry!

Now, Maggie, whose blog I read, posted today about some lovely new couches she got. And I wanted to post the reason why I can't get new couches:

Above is our year and a half old couches in our den.

And above here, is our really old couches in our basement.

You see, Jazz, still has his claws, his front ones and back ones. We can't get new couches until (unfortunately) he passes on. He's only about 14 or 15 now, approximately, so he's got a bunch more years before I'll ever see new couches. But that's okay, I love Jazz, and as long as he's with us, he'll be able to go into the couches. Yes, you heard me, he has ruined the ones in the basement so badly, that he can actually GO INTO them. Sometimes when we can't find him - we know where to find him - inside the couch. And I mean that literally.

Something else on my mind that I want to address - since I got a comment on my blog about it earlier. People seem concerned that I should not have given Sean single grain rice before 6 months of age. Now, there is no set rule as to how early a baby should receive single grain rice. I have not given him fruits or veggies or even meat for that matter. I tried to give him a little bit in his bottle before bed, to hopefully fill him up better. He's been asking for more food, and maybe it was just a growth spurt. I didn't intend to use it solely for the purpose of having my child sleep longer, though the thought of that sounds great. It's just that Sean has been really hungry lately, and I don't know if just the formula is satisfying him. I in no way would do something to harm my own child. I don't know why people feel this way, but I just wanted to address it before you thought I was a horrible mother or something. I'm not the first mother who has tried to give her child more than just formula earlier than the child being 6 months old. I know babies that have demanded solids at a very early age. I have a friend who gave her child solids as of 14 days old because the child was not sastified at all with just milk (not sure if it was breastmilk or formula - I can't remember if she breastfed). Anyhow - I am no longer giving Sean the single grain cereal in his bottle - I tried it just once to see if he liked it - and if it would fill him up better than formula, but it seemed to not make a difference, so I am going to hold off until his at least 5 or 5 and a half months or even 6 months old before trying again. I'll let Sean tell me when he's ready for more than just formula.

And that's how I feel about that! I do not think I'm a bad mother in any way for even trying. It was discussed beforehand, and looked into before I even tried. And I'm happy with the decision that I made. I don't even know why I am justifying this or myself. Anyhow, I guess I just wanted to get that off my chest.

I'll leave you with this quote - I just love it!

And I can't wait for her knitting movie to come out - she's apparently starring in the movie Friday Night Knitting Club. The release date is June 6th, 2008.

Oh - and in knitting news - I'm halfway done sleeve number 2. After that's done, I'll just have to block, and seam together! I can't wait to finish it already - however it looks a LOT bigger than 3 month size... which isn't exactly a bad thing, since Sean seems to be smaller than most kids his age! However, I still won't know Sean's weight until Wednesday at his 2 month check up. But now I'm guessing that he's around 9 and a half pounds.


Barb said...

Putting your own designs on bibs is an excellent idea :)

To answer your question from my blog, I do knit more than crochet, the purse is for a pal and while I had the book out, I seen teh capelet and decided to make that too LOL

I've never seen Prison Break maybe i'll start watching it :)

I did'nt wait until my girls were 6 mon. too start the rice cereal, they were both about 3 1/2 - 4 mon. and are happy, healthy, and did'nt have any problems for it, I did it because formula alone was'nt enough and I was'nt about to let them go hungry, it all depends on the baby they're all diffrent

Tammy said...

I gave my 2 little guys baby cereal at a month old for breakfast and than worked it into 3 times a day. Both of them were very big boys at birth, 11 pounds 5 ounces(2 days late) and 11 pounds(2 weeks early). Both came out very hungry, lol. My oldest was about 3-4 months when he started on cereal.

Like Barb said, all depends on the baby and I agree, I wasn't going to let mine go hungry and either was their Pediatrition.

Summer Engh said...

Those are such cute pictures. Sean looks like such a big boy sitting up. Adorable outfits. I don't think you are a bad mother for giving Sean 1/2 tsp of cereal in the bottle. It didn't hurt him and you only tried it once.

g-girl said...

my friend started giving her son baby cereal early on too. I don't know what's wrong with it. If your baby is hungry and formula alone isn't cutting it, you're going to give them something else. love the bib! :)