Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11 of 31

Today upon getting up, I picked up Angela and we went over to my parents house to watch the movie The Holiday. It was cute, but cheesy at the same time. I'm a Cameron Diaz fan, as well as Kate Winslet. Also I'm a huge Jude Law fan. He's just so sexy, and that accent of his.... Oh yeah! I love love loved him in Alfie. The Holiday, is not a movie I'd pay to see in theaters though. But it was definitely a fun Sunday chick flick movie for a girlie afternoon!

Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine. 100% Cotton. Colorway 263. Made in Italy.

I started working on my sister's camera case today. Angela and I had stopped off at the LYS near my parent's house. Angela was looking for something in specific, and I wanted to find some yarn for my sister's camera cozy. I also picked up some 3mm and 2.75mm DPN's. (The 3mm are pearl white, and the 2.75mm's are PINK! (I am using them for the camera cozy. Angela helped me with a long tail cast on, which I still want to get the hang of. It's something that I've wanted to lear how to do. I find it looks nicer. I will master it! Don't you just love my cute pink DPN's? I do! (I've knit more since this shot was taken, so I'll post a progress picture tomorrow. I should be finished it tomorrow though!) Also - I've adjusted the number of cast on stitches from the pattern so that it'll fit the gauge of the yarn.

This evening upon getting home I watched the last 3 episodes of Season 1 of Prison Break. Jamie & I can now start watching Season 2, which I've gotten a hold of. I think Season 2 is almost finished on TV, so we'll be able to catch up. It's sooooooooo darn addictive!

Look at the BLONDE BLONDE BLONDE hair on my son! WOW! I didn't realize how blonde it was. Actually it's more *strawberry* blonde like me.... I love it! I love it!


Summer said...

Sean is so adorable with his "strawberry" blonde. What a handsome boy. Can't wait to see the finished camera case. I like the color of your needles. Where did you get them?

g-girl said...

the yarn you're using for your sister's camera case is sooooo pretty! omg, I can see sean's 'strawberry' blonde hair! that's crazy. :)

Barb said...

I love the yarn, very pretty colors and the pink needles are so cute :)

Caroline said...

Love the yarn. Are these Pony Pearls needles? I got a set too, as well as an aqua 2.25 mm set. I love them.

Robin said...

Sean is very cute!

OK, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jude Law too. He is delicious. What was that one movie with Matt Damon that he was in? He looked A-MAZING in that one.

Jennifer said...

Check you out- modifying stitch counts to go with your yarn. You go knitter girl! ;P