Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30 of 31

This is how I change Sean's diaper champ (greatest invention alive), on garbage day. It requires a mask - because a few days worth of dirty diapers - well - it makes me gag... LOL.... Changing a dirty diaper - no problem.... but a few days worth in a diaper champ needing to be dumped on garbage day... ew! So this is the solution I've come up with. So far it works. I've even put a ORDOR EATING spunge into the bottom of the diaper pail... Yeah right - it doesn't work!

Today is Friday. Sean has to let us know that!

Sean was standing up all on his own - on the couch, holding onto the couch side. I swear - this kid is going to walk before he crawls. Okay, so he's going to skate before he walks, as he's a future Habs player - right?!

This is one of the 2 identical changing table pad covers I got at Walmart the other day. I absolutely love it. It's so soft, and Sean approves too. They fit great too - because 1 of my 2 other ones that I have - is just an inch too short, and it doesn't fit right. And changing table pads are all the SAME length - one size fits all - that's why I don't understand why it doesn't fit right. WEIRD.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my glasses that I've ben wearing - and so I've decided to post about my glasses collection - in order of buying them. The last pair (my pink and black ones, I got last May (2006), so I've not purchased any new ones in over a year. And those pink & black ones were a present from my parents for my birthday last year.

The first pair I got, my light blue pair - I have no idea where they are. Couldn't tell you. But I swear I still have them, and if I do ever find them, I'll post them. I just can't for the life of me, find them. I probably could find an old photograph with me wearing them though... let me see.

Can't find any on my Harddrive right now.. I'll look tomorrow.

After the clear blue pair, I got these clear yellow ones. Plastic, gotta love plastic frames!

Then after the yellow ones, I got these clear clearn ones. Totally see through. I loved them!

Then I got these black ones, that look like they are upsidedown... look, the arms are coming from the bottom. I love them still do this day!

And the ones I got last May - from my parents for my birthday. Ever since I got these, I haven't stopped wearing them, to the point where I've been ingoring my contact lenses. Oops.

Oh and here are my non-prescriptioned sun glasses. I probably should get them prescriptioned now that I barely wear my contact lenses anymore...

So today, my tenant sent me a registered letter that states she won't be renewing her lease - the officially letter, which we told her not to waste the 8$ to send us registered - just to give us the letter. Anyhow, the reason she wrote in the letter is totally different from what she told us originally. Whatever. Then she states the I better take care of parking for the day she moves out - because she needs where to put a truck. UGH - she can go fuck herself - excuse my french - I'm not doing anything for her. If it's on a Saturday I dont care if she uses the driveway, because it's Shabbat - and the Rabbi I share a driveway with won't be using it. If it's Sunday she moves out - then she'll have to ask the Rabbi next door if he cares if she uses the driveway. (Moving day is either June 30 or July 1st. July 1st which is our Canada Day - is also MOVING DAY (officially) in Quebec. Not my problem. I'm not doing her dirty work. She's pissing me off so badly, I can't wait to get rid of her. I just hope I don't have any problems getting rent from her the last three months, now that she's playing dirty, because if I get even one phone call asking how she is as a tenant (she has to give recent landlords names), I'm going to be honest with them and say that she gives me the check on the 1st of the month, but that it's always dated later on.... why should I lie for someone who turned out to be a bitch in the end. I'm not going to say that she was the best tenant ever - because frankly, she wasn't. Half the time she needed to be babysat and she's just really annoying and a pest. So many times I bit my tongue because she actually (even though late payments) gives us the rent.

Oh, I hope I get someone better next time. Who doesn't call us when the city shuts down the water to find out if I know why the city shut it off and when it will be back on (Like I work for the city or something). Or who won't call me when she blows a fuse, because she doesn't know how to flick it back on. Or who doesn't call me to find out the stupidest little things ever...

Phew - got that all off my chest. I feel better now.

That letter from Toronto... that was mailed last Thursday - still hasn't shown up in my mailbox. What's up with this? It's now 6 business days it's been travelling, from somewhere that is max a 6 hour car ride.

I did ALL the matches for the Stitch Marker Exchange. Phew. They're done. And all emailed out. Boy that was quite the job. Took me a LOT of hours to do. Like more than 6. Didn't realize what I was getting myself into! That was over 50 matches to be done and emailed out. And not everyone took the same number of partner. But let me tell you, I feel sooooo much better that is done, and now I can concentrate on my partners and what colors they like, and get my markers out in the mail asap. One less thing to think about afterwards!

Eventually I need to load up all the stitch makers I made for sale into my ETSY shop. I have a ton more to upload. I hope some sell -that would be nice! Anyone interested in personalized name stitch markers? I've already mailed some out to SP10 partners for people - they make a great gift for yourself or for someone else!

Alright.. I want to get to bed. I want to get to Walmart before the mad rush tomorrow. I've been watching WAY too much NEAT on HGTV and I'm on this mad purging and re-organizing kick. I want everything clean, clean, clean. Tomorrow night Jamie & I are going on our 2nd date since Sean's born, we've got Habs tickets again (thank you to my sister! thank you!) and the Habs are playing Buffalo tomorrow. Hopefully after tonight's loss to Ottawa - Carbonneau kicked their asses and they'll win tomorrow! Crossing my fingers for a good game.


Drea said...

I like the black glasses best, the ones with the upsidedown look.

Im not a huge fan of diaper champs or any type of diaper pale. Want to know why. When you think about it... putting diapers with your other trash just makes sense. In our house the trash can fills up within a couple of days... sometimes a day! (seeing as right now we are sharing a house w/ three other adults, my parents and brother) so... when the diapers are only in it a day or two it doesnt have the chance to build up a big amount of stink!

A diaper champ though fills up with diapers ONLY and takes a good while to fill up.. resulting in MASSIVE STINK! HAHAHA

So diaper champs stink lol
My mom got one for us while we are living here... and I dont like it at all... I mean its convenient having a trash can thing right next to the place I change Taite... but its so stinky that im like "gag....." im using it some though just to respect her buying it. :-) I do put the poopies in scented dispoable bags though that I can buy at the Dollar Tree here in Town. their nice.

gtg tho 4:18am.. look at u keeping me up with emails and blogs! Taite did go to sleep though without finishing that bottle, sweet!

Barb said...

the glasses look great :) and great work on the stitchmarker matches...partner....LOL now i'm off too see my other pal's blog :)

Laura said...

Hey Robyn, I love the name stitch markers! What is your etsy address?

Laura said...

Never mind, I found the link on your sidebar!

Maggie said...

cute glasses. I like the newest ones best. Why don't you wear your contacts anymore?

Maybe with your next tenant you can put something in the lease stating that you don't accept post dated checks. Rent is due on the first and it doesn't count to give it to you if you can't get it until later!!

Sean is of course very adorable. It's hard to tell the days of the week without his help! ;-)

oh yeah, and in response to a previous post - the daily posts are wonderful. It's the only blog that I know for sure will have something new to entertain me every day. I still check them all but most of them update once a week or so. The weekend you were gone was TORTURE!!

Jennifer said...

I know where all those glasses are from ;)
Silly question...but did you switch the wallunit and crib in Sean's room? If I look at where the window is...the crib used to be on the left and the unit on the I crazy?

Indie Mama said...

Those STR pics (prev post) are sooo tempting! What weight did you get? Is one skein enough for a pair of socks? I've never used STR before...
= )

g-girl said...

you're a nut! I can't believe you've gotta wear that mask in order to clear out the diaper champ! i think i likie the black glasses best too, like drea. :)