Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 7 of 31

Sean slept last night from 10 pm until 6 am this morning! Boy am I impressed, and very happy! Let's see if this is a one time fluke, or if he'll sleep again tonight through the night. (Though due to him getting shots today, I'm not sure if tonight's the night to sleep through again!)

This morning I woke up freezing because our water was shut off just before midnight last night, so when I noticed, I had to turn off the heat. My heat for my duplex is gas heating, which needs water to heat. Since it was freezing, I left at a decent time and went to my grandmother's to wash up and brush my teeth. Plus I had to get Sean out of the cold. He has a space heater in his room, but it just wasn't the same.

I went to lunch with my grandmother before going to Sean's 2 month check up. We did a little bit of shopping in the mall where we ate lunch, which is next to the building where his doctor's office is. Today, she was there, and on time - so we were seen right away pretty much, even arriving 15 minutes before his appointment, we were seen almost right away, give or take a few minutes.

He got his 2 month shots - and boy did he scream, but nothing too serious. I was able to calm him down after the 2nd one, after dressing him and rocking him in my arms. (Upon getting home he felt feverish, so I gave him some Tempra, but he seems to be doing great right now).

So you want to know how much Sean weighs?

I was shocked!

My guess had been 9 and a half pounds, maybe 10 pounds max...

Are you ready for this?

He weighs 11 pounds and 15 ounces. Yep! One ounce shy of 12 pounds. I could NOT believe it!

That's 5.04 kg! Or 5040 grams!


However... that is in the 25th percentile. Meaning, 25% of babies are smaller than Sean at this age (10 weeks) and 75% of babies are larger than Sean. 50% is average. So only 25% more babies are average and another 50% of babies are a huge. LOL. So Sean is still my little guy!

Sean may be getting acid reflux, and he's getting a medication tomorrow for it. Apparently he has some thrush in his mouth - which I'm going to be getting medication tomorrow for as well. The thrush, although it doesn't bother him, is probably from when I was breastfeeding, and it will go away upon treatment. I didn't even realize he had that. It's mild, but still there.

Otherwise, he's doing great - and he'll be seen again at 4 months old. (Or if I see this his acid reflux isn't going away and he's still panting when breathing - then I should go back in 1 month from now, but only if I feel it's necessary. She left that up to me to decide).

He has also grown from 19.25 inches at birth to 22 and a half inches long! My dear, he's growing out of his clothes fast!

We made a stop after the appointment to visit my cousin Jenn for a bit. Upon getting home Sean started to freak out. I'm not sure if it was because it was freezing cold (our house was like an icebox since I just just just turned the heat back on since we finally had water upon getting home and was able to turn the heat back on) but Sean and I had the space heater on. He felt feverish, so I gave him the infant Tempra, and he passed out for a bit, screaming here and there, probably out of frustration to what happened today. Maybe his body was reacting a little, it's very possible. But since he can't speak to tell me what is bothering him, I won't ever know. He's doing great right now.

In other news, the NEW SPRING KNITTY IS OUT! Oh.... is spring really around the corner? I'm VERY excited about that!

Oh, and where oh where is my STR Club Kit??? Have any Canadians been receiving theirs? If I don't get mine by Friday, I'm going to email BMFA to find out what is going on... I'm anxiously awaiting my kit! Let me tell you!

Tonight I went knitting at my local SNB - however, I only cast on the 42 stitches for the Irish Hiking Scarf I'm making my father-in-law. I think I just needed to get out of the house to socialize, and so I did so, and didn't even get to knit a stitch. My mind wasn't there tonight to knit. I'm burned out. Very burned out today. Ready to hit the hay and crash! Maybe I'll be lucky and Sean will sleep the night, and I'll get some good sleep rather that sleep, but interrupted sleep.

To HINKLEBELL - please email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com - I want to respond to your comment, however I can't access your blog, it's not letting me. Email me your blog address, and then I'll have your email so I can respond to your comment

And that's it for me folks today. More tomorrow!


Bethany said...

Sean's sweater is adorable... however is upstaged by the adorableness of Sean! Congratulations on a great finished project.

mommaofone_07 said...

The baby sweater looks fantastic! My daughter had thrush as well. We weren't given any meds though. The doctor told me to use genitan(sp?)violet. It's a purple dye that is sold over the counter at the drug store. It took the thrush away after a week or so. The only bad thing is, it dyed her mouth purple and stained some of her older sleepers.

a friend to knit with said...

almost 12 ibs......good going! i hope you have more nights like that.....10-6 you must feel like a million bucks!

Creative Genius? said...

I love Sean's sweater ... did I tell you that already?? I can't remember!! Oh well I love it regardless if I already told you :-) LOL

and nearly 12 lbs?!?! WOW!!! Avi was just 13 lbs 5oz (with a wet diaper on) at his 4 month appoitment... so how is it that I had a big baby and he's small and you had a small baby and he's somewhat big??

Go Figure :-)

Maggie said...

Hooray Sean!! almost 12 pounds...what a big boy...and still as adorable as ever.
Thrush is a pain. Oliver never had it, but I know some kids who did. Our dr. told us to wash his tongue and gums with a washcloth every time we give him a bath. It washes away all the milk residue and it gets him used to getting his mouth cleaned - which will be good when he needs his teeth brushed.
It really sucks about your heat...what is going on? Is it still that same busted pipe?!
Good luck with sleeping through the night! 10 - 6 is wonderful! That's usually what Oliver sleeps too, but he didn't start doing that until last month. You're lucky to get it so early.

Summer said...

Glad the appointment went good. Love the picture of Sean. He is so adorable. He is gaining weight like a champ.

Maggie said...

the spring knitty being out blows my mind - it is so not at all spring like around here!! :S

also, awesome job on the sweater!! :D
And I got your email about sock yarn...been crazy time for me lately, but I'll look into my stash/left overs and see what I have... I'm actually working on some socks right now and can at least for sure send you what's left over from them :)


Katie said...

My daughter had reflux when she was little. The meds worked great and she outgrew it by 6 months... the best part was she started sleeping through the night when she started the meds because her tummy didn't bother her anymore and make her wake up all the time- it was a beautiful thing! good luck with it and make sure you call your doctor if the meds appear to lose effectiveness at any point- the dosage needs to be adjusted as the babes get bigger/heavier.

AJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) It looks like your Sean and my Scout are about the same age. When was he born? Scout was born Dec. 21, so she is 11 weeks today. They get big so fast, don't they. Hope he feels better once he gets the medications!

Shelby said...

Your little guy is just adorable!! I love the sweater too! Great work!

g-girl said...

wow, he's almost 12 lbs! that's awesome. sorry to hear about the acid reflux-i had no idea babies could get that! I hope the pillow works.