Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26 of 31

Today I got a lot of laundry done. I also had my friend Jennie over for the afternoon. It was really good hanging out with her. We tried watching the movie A Good Year - but she wasn't into it - so I'll watch it some other time on my own time. We did start watching Happy Feet - but half way into it about - we got distracted by other things & Sean waking from a nap - so there went watching the end of the movie. I'll watch the rest on my own time some other time. It was really cute so far, but not the greatest movie in the world.

Today I got some mail from Cynthia - some leftover sock yarn - thank you so much Cynthia. I also opened up a package I got from Kimber that must have come on Friday while I was in Jersey. It also had some leftover sock yarn bits - plus she sent me some liquidation yarn from a closing sale from a yarn shop near her - some sock yarn that will be perfect for Sean's blankie! Thank you sooo much ladies - very much appreciate. The stash so far is accounted for by 5 people. Thank you all so much for your donations so far. I've heard good news that some other people are sending me some stuff - everytihng is sooo much appreciated - and a little piece of you will be in his blankie. As soon as I'm done with the two or three Unfinished Objects I have now... I will be starting the Tri-blanket Blankie. Sean's not really attached to anything right now, so I still have time to make it! Hopefully I could get it done soon! I don't know how long it will take to knit... but I'm very excited. So thank you Kadi, Alison, Caroline, Cynthia & Kimber. You guys rock.

Today other than that has been taking care of business. I've just listed our apartment for rent (the apartment that I rent out that is above us in the duplex that I own), as my tenants gave us notice that they are not staying. This is too bad because they were really good and quiet tenants. However, they moved in because they were in a jam to find a place as the place they moved into was flooded and we were desperate for new tenants, after kicking out really bad people finally by September, (who never moved in the first place, but I legally needed to kick them out, even though it wasn't a physical kicking out). (All she moved in was a matress on the floor with a TV). So I've got a lot of people hopefully interested and the search for new tenants begins. This is the only reason I HATE being a landlord!

The good news is - if I rent out the apartment with a washer & dryer as there are outlets in there - Jamie said that we could get new ones! Oh - that brightens my day!! So hopefully by July 1st - I'll be in the posession of some new beautiful machines! I'm very very excited about that. Now - if I could only convince for a new fridge too - that would be amazing! LOL. Maybe next year.

Just a reminder to those in my SP10 group - post your fave knitting accessory post to be entered into the draw for a prize. Deadline is Saturday, March 31st to post!


Kimber said...

I can't imagine what a pain in the posterior being a landlord can be. I am sending out good tennant vibes your way for the next ones.

I am glad you like the sock yarn - those colours spoke "Sean" to me! I also think I saw a similar blanket from a link from "Brainy Lady", it looks like it will be fantastic when it's done and I cannot wait to see your progress on it.

ScrapHappy said...

Bummer your tenants are moving out... youck! I hope you find some more good ones.
Sean looked so cute in his tie at the wedding. :) LOVE your dress!
Did my sock yarn come yet???

Robin said...

I haven't seen either of those movies, but I have a hard time concentrating on movies when I have friends over. Seems like either the friend or I always want to talk.

g-girl said...

sucks that you have to find new tenants. hopefully it won't be too painful and you can find new quiet ones right away. ooh, new washer and dryer? Very nice! ;)