Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16 of 31

I finally got my order from amazon today with the cd I ordered. I have not bought a cd in a long time, so this was fun for me. I'm into music, but not that into music that I need to buy music. I just really wanted this cd, after seeing her commercial on the TV, and not being able to download it from anywhere (I know, I'm a bad bad girl - but I did buy the cd!) I did start spring cleaning today though, I went through all of our music collection (after watching an episode of Neat on HGTV and getting in the mood to organize) and when I was done feeding Sean (I usually watch TV while feeding Sean), I hit the stack. I realized when putting all of our music in alphabetical order, that Jamie & I have a bunch of duplicate albums (No Doubt, Green Day, Bush, Alanis Morrisette, just to name a few). I haven't figured out what I am going to do with the doubles & the cds I decided I don't want anymore, but I will probably donate them. I also realized I have a bunch of cds that belong to my parents. I wonder how those ended up in my house??? LOL. Oops, sorry mom & dad, those will gbet returned tomorrow to you.

I love this kids little hands! I've purchased a kid safe ink pad (non-toxic) so that I can stamp his hands & feet before he grows bigger, but I've only managed to stamp his feet onto card stock for future use in someway or another. However, Sean has this thing about keeping his hands clentched, so it's hard to stamp them. The only time his hands are relaxed, are when he is sleeping, and if I started inking his hands and stamping them, for sure he'd wake up. So it's a lose-lose situation. Any ideas? What's a mommy to do? I definitely want to stamp his hands before they grow too big.... hmmm....

Sean loves his baths. He loves being in the water. I can't wait to get to take him into the water for some swimming, I'm sure he will love it. I just know it. Hopefully soon I'll be able to take him.

No knitting today. I didn't get the chance. Any free time I had I worked on the SP10 Participant's list. There are over 600 or so names, and I've managed to work on about 450 of them this week. I am hoping that it's done by Sunday, and I don't see why it shouldn't be. I'll work on more tomorrow, and hopefully by tomorrow it'll be done. Just a few more names to go... then fix the HTML coding, and voila - I'm done!

Tomorrow I *finally* get my wedding album. It's a digital album that is like a coffee table book. I can't wait to get it. It was printed in Italy - and finally shipped. It's kind of my fault though - I waited a long time. I didn't have time after the wedding since I was in a one year intensive program to go through my 1300+ proofs to narrow it down to 75 pictures for the album. My photographer said that I must bring Sean in order to be able to get it from her - lol - she's dying to meet him! Finally a year and a half after our wedding (Sunday is exactly a year and a half), I get my wedding album!

Today's Noteworthy Yarns

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Katie said...

I'm so jealous that Sean likes water! My daughter hates it. She was ok at swimming last summer (ie. she didn't scream) but since that point it has gone downhill... Bathtime in a major ordeal. Good luck with all the SP10 stuff, it is a lot of work but I'm glad you make the sacrifice so the rest of us can have fun! :)

Drea said...

my mom has that same exact tub u have sean in!

Maggie said...

We have a place around here that lets you trade in your old books and cd's for credit toward new ones or cash, do you have something like that around there?

If you want to stamp Sean's hands do it while he's asleep. Just make sure he's really really asleep before you do it. (test by lifting his arm and dropping it, if he doesn't catch it then you're ok) Just make sure you have the ink and stuff nearby so you don't have to move him a lot. He probably won't even wake up.

Congrats on your wedding album! What an ordeal it is to get those pictures organized. We've still not done one, and we've been married two and a half years!!