Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Too Many Wedding Photos

My presentation went really well this morning and I was shocked to actually get parking today for free since we started at 9 am instead of 8 am today. My presentation went well I think and the teacher really liked my project, so I hope I get a pretty good mark. I won't really know though, until I get it back next semester, but I'll be able to tell, since I will get my final mark, and then I can kind of judge on how I did. I figured out how to access my marks though, through the school's grade system. I signed up, entered the personal info they asked for, picked a username/password, and I'll really to start receiving marks in a few weeks. I don't know how fast they will be posted after we're done school on Friday, but I guess I can check here and there until they're all posted. I am not worried, I know I'm passing all my 4 classes with FLYING COLOURS!

Stopped off and picked up some whole wheat and regular fresh rolls, some cold cuts, whole wheat no sugar cheesebagels as well as regular cheesebagels for Jamie, veggie patties (so good), chicken wings and a bunch of other items at the Deli that is around the corner from my house. Never really realized they had good stuff until we moved directly around the corner from them, (after living not too far from them before).

My friend Mindy came over for lunch, I told her not to bring anything because she treated me to lunch when we went out for lunch about 2 weeks ago or so, and it was really nice to chill and talk with her.

BELOW IS 1300+ wedding photos (4x6)

This evening we sat down and looked through the wedding photos. ALL 1300 + of them. I thought there was only like 1200, no.. over 1300! CRAZY. That is equal to about 55 rolls of 24 exposure film. (LESS THAN THE AMOUNT OF FILM I TOOK WHEN I WAS IN ISRAEL! 63 rolls of film and digital pictures as well). I don't think I can go through the wedding pics for a while... I need a break from them, there are too many. I think I'm going to stall my mother (shh!) as I don't feel like looking at them all over again. There are some really gorgeous one, and a lot of really nice ones. I don't know how I'm going to narrow it down to under 75 pics for my leather bound album?
Going to crawl into bed to watch some TV with Jamie. We opted to stay in tonight instead of going to see a movie. Wasn't in the mood. Thank goodness my project for tomorrow is done, so I can relax tonight, tomorrow I'll freak out about my friday project! LOL.

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