Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tiredness Due To Antibiotic

I just spoke to the pharmacist and my tiredness is related to the antibiotic that I'm on. It's not usually a side effect, it's rare, but she said that it could happen. She also said that headaches are also a side effect, and I had one of those the other day too... was it yesterday or the day before? I'm so messed up with time right now because I slept yesterday from noon til about 6:11 pm and then again today from about 1:30pm until about 6pm again! I woke up again just as Jamie was getting home from work. I was up early today though, at about 7:45 am, as I had to bring my car to get boomerang installed (security device). I couldn't sleep when I got home from bringing my car (Jamie gave me a ride back from the garage place) and then my grandmother drove me back there around lunch to pick up my car. I was able to finish the scarf I was working on, as well as creating a checklist for all the items I have left to accomplish in the next week and a half for school.

When I got back from picking up my car (and stopping at the pharmacy on my way home to photocopy 2 of my drawings 6 times each for class on Thursday (so I have something to do in clas - colour them in!) I crawled up on the couch and put on a fire, and started to read my magazine, but didn't make it past 2 pages, I passed out! Didn't take long! I am not liking this sleeping all afternoon! I need to find time to work on my projects for school, as I only have a week left and there is soooo much to do! And there seems to be something EVERY day! Busy Busy Bee!

I LOVE NeroVision Express. I discovered it today. I was trying to figure out how to transfer Six Feet Under Season 5 so I can watch it on my TV and not on my computer after downloading the entire season. It doesn't come onto DVD until next Spring/Summer or so, there is no release date as of yet, and so I have no idea when it will be out.... and Six Feet Under will be a marathon to watch over Xmas break. Dying to finally sit down and watch it all, from beginning to end! (As well as Sopranos, so I can catch up to season 6 which is airing in March 2006). (I have seen season 1 and season 5 of Sopranos, but I will re-watch everything in order).....

Also on my winter break list of thing to do:

  • Scrapbook from disposable cameras from the wedding (Start & Finish!)
  • Re-learn my sewing machine (need a table to put it on first... soon, hopefully)
  • Watch the movies on my TO WATCH list Start working on baby blanket in baby pink yarn...

and I'm sure I can find more projects to work on!

Zeus went UNDER the blanket I put on the bed everyday - to eliminate cat hair from the duvet we sleep with... this picture defeats the purpose! LOL.

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