Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Price Fluctuation

This morning I got to do stuff around my house before Andrea and Merlyn got back from visiting Jamie's dad for a little bit this morning. Once they got back, Jamie watched Merlyn for the afternoon and Andrea and I headed out to Le Chateau Liquidation as Aunt Tania showed us a sweater last night that she got there for only 4.99$. Boxing day sale was on all week! Anyhow, I tried on a bunch of stuff, stuff that wasn't really on sale, but on liquidation, and some of it wasn't worth 29.99$ a piece or whatever. But I did walk out with items that are under 14.99$. All shirts. All very nice.

After clothes shopping, Andrea and I did some groceries. Came home, made fish (salmon) with brown rice and steamed broccoli. It was delicious. Along with a glass of wine.... Mmmm!

I finished the baby blanket for Misha today. She was born on December 16th. I am going to drop it off at my parent's neigbor's house for her, which is her grandparents home. They will deliver the blanket for sure. Anyhow, I am very proud of it. It came out really nice. . I started the baby blanket (neutral colours) for my friend Zahava & Adam's baby. It will be born in March 2006. I have time ;)

I invented my own border, because I'm not too sure how to make a border properly, so I invented one myself. I just did double crochet aroudn the entire blanket.
I finished Season 2 of Six Feet Under and started Season 3... I am addicted. Let me tell you!

This is the crochet hook holder that Jamie got me as a stocking stuffer. I absolutely love it.

I love that it has cats on it, playing with the yarn. Kind of like my cats!
My fave magazine - which I have NO idea when my subscription starts went up in price! Instead of 1.99$ an issue, it went up to 2.49$ an issue for 2006! I can't believe it! Price fluctuation! Every thing is going up in price in 2006! SICK! I am glad now that I got the subscription because now it's working out way cheaper in my favour for this magazine (For Me Magazine).

Still no school marks posted. Was no mail today - very dissapointed because I'm now expecting the DVD from my wedding photographer - she said she had mailed it at the same time that she mailed her Xmas cards - which I got already, a while back! Ugh. I hate not getting mail!

Off to watch more Six Feet Under.

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