Friday, December 30, 2005

Zigzag Pattern

Ten uses for a Crochet Hook (Besides Crocheting)

Guess you thought that crochet hooks were good for only crocheting, right? Well, here are some more interesting uses for them:

Pull a yarn snag to the inside of a sweater.
Reweave a dropped stitch while knitting.
Pull a drawstring through its casing.
Fix a tangled necklace.
Rescue a ring that dropped down the drain.
Pull hair through the holes of the cap when highlighting your hair.
Weave a potholder using a loom.
Weave anything through anything.
Stake up a plant.
Spear the last olive at the bottom of the jar.

Jamie drove me to the shopping center around the corner from our house so I could pick up the package that I apparently missed this morning from the post delivery - however I was home the entire morning, sleeping on the couch. The door bell would have DEFINITELY woken my up, as the chime on the grandfather clock woke me up on the hour every hour from 6 am until noon. And the phone woke me up a bunch of times. What is wrong with the post people? They didn't even ring my bell to see if I was actually indeed home!

Chilled out during the afternoon, and eventually some people came over to hang out - and we played poker this evening with a bunch of Jamie's friends. It was fun. I lost out, didn't win, didn't even come in second or third or fourth... (got out fifth of 8 people). and went back to watching six feet under!

I decided that I want to learn how to make the zig zag (or ripple) afghan, so I found the exact pattern in a book for a zigzag scarf, so I'm going to try that first, so that I can get the hang of the zigzag first on something smaller, before getting to a big blanket!

Going to go work on the zigzag. Goodnight!

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