Monday, December 12, 2005

Red Envelope

I got these gorgeous picture frame book ends today in the mail from my cousins Jan Felipe & Leticia. I have always loved Red Envelope, but never dreamed of owning anything from there, as it's an American company, and a little bit pricey. They came in for our wedding almost 3 months ago, and got us also a bride & groom cook book. I tried taking a picture of the 2 book ends, but mirror is HARD to photograph, lol... One says Robyn & Jamie and the other says September 18th, 2005 (our wedding date). Very nice gift. Below are the stock images from the Red Envelope site. GORGEOUS! It was a very nice surprise to get them in the mail. Definitely wasn't expecting them!

This morning I got to class early. Our exam was from 9h00 am to 11h00 am and our final project was due at 9h00. However, if I don't go for 7h25 am, I don't get parking. And that sucks. I enjoy my free parking, let me tell you. But I wanted to get to school early to go over a few things with Laura, who said she would meet me there, and was pretty punctual.

The exam... I didn't get to finish it. But I did a good job on what I was able to finish and I think that it was a "test" to see how much we could get done in a time frame that wasn't even 2 hours by the time she went over everything and everyone got settled. The exam was in 2 parts - one sketching and the other in Quark Express. It was very easy and I was able to do the work, I just wish that we had been given more time to actually do all the work. I am not worried though, the teacher (one of my 2 fave from 3 teachers (lol)) said that I shouldn't worry because "how do I know that she is not marking us on the part we did do, and not going to reduce marks for the unfinished parts" - which leads me to believe that she will just mark us on what we were succesfully able to accomplish. Not one single person finished it in full - so it makes me feel A LOT better.

After the exam, Laura helped me figure out what I was doing wrong in Adobe Illustrator with my final project as I was COMPLETELY frustrated yesterday and pretty much had to close what I was working on before I killed my computer and shoved it out of the window. But now all is well, and I'm going to be able to work efficiently on my assignment that is due on Friday. (PLENTY OF TIME!)

I did groceries today, did a few other errands, and NEGLECTED my project that is due on Wednesday. I will work on it tomorrow, I have the entire day off, and all I have planned is my 3pm appointment to pick up my 4x6 wedding proofs. 1300 of them! I am going to be a good girl, and keep them to look at with Jamie over the weekend after school is finished.

I started my Winter Break To Do List:
Work on Wedding Scrapbook
Watch Sopranos
Watch Six Feet Under
Paint Bathroom
Clean up Office
Learn how to make Easy Ripple Afghan
Clean my Kitchen Blinds

and that's all that's on the list so far. I am sure there will be a lot more that gets added to this list!

Ok, time for bed. I have to get up early to work ALL DAY on my Graphic Design Magazine Layout project that's due on Wednesday morning. PLENTY of time to accomplish it! Goodnight.

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