Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Actual Crochet Stitch

My day was pretty boring until this evening. Got up. Freaked out about an assignment. Spoke to Laura in my class. Figured it out together. So now my assignments for Monday and Thursday are completely finished. Need to finish Wednesday's project and Friday's project. Both are the biggest projects, so I guess it was a good thing that I got the little ones out of the way.

Dinner was actually excellent, my cousin Jenn introduced me to Extreme Pita (which isn't in my area, but near where my parents live - there is actually a new location opening, but it's half way between my house and my parents place, so that doesn't really help, it's still out of the way). I tried their Bruschetta Pita Pizza on whole wheat and it was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed it.

We had our Chanukah party with my mother's side of the family, as my aunt and uncle are going away for their belated 30th wedding anniversary soon, my grandmother is going to Florida (not sure when) and my cousin and siblings work some Sundays, so it's difficult for everyone to get together. Since Chanukah this year isn't until December 26th, this was considered early. I got Chanukah gelt (money) from my grandmother, a cool Scrapbook 2006 calendar (where every page is another scrapbooking layout) from my cousins and aunt and uncle.

Isn't this really cool?

Going to go into bed, watch Grey's Anatomy and work on my blanket that I'm crocheting! Oh, speaking of crochet, apparently the stitch I am doing doesn't really exist, but it's coming out nicely anyhow. My aunt and my cousin Jenn showed me the PROPER way to crochet, for 2 stitches and they're going to both get me some "HOW TO" guides for the stitches! Finally, now I can learn how to do it properly and go one step further and try to figure out a pattern!
Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow!

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