Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter Cleaning

I did some crocheting today, working on that neutral coloured baby blanket - practicing the real way of crochet!

I caught up on some episodes of Law & Order: SVU that my mom taped for me and sent my way. (While crocheting).

I even cleaned up my office a little bit... (more work on that tomorrow)

I cleaned through my makeup drawer. Lots to throw out. Did you know that....

You're supposed to:

  • Toss powder after 1 year (don't own any)
  • Trash your stash of eyeshadow - they're only good for 1 year
  • Don't bat an eyelash - after 45 days, mascara is trash! (45 DAYS! FRIG! I don't even wear mascara 2x a year - didn't know it's trash that fast!)
  • Replace lipstick after 1 year even if it's your favourite discontinued hue)
  • Get rid of your toothbrush after max 3 months (or you'll be brushing with bacteria). {I change up my toothbrush about every 2 months or when I'm sick of the colour brush I'm using - lol)

Lipstick I keep a little longer.... I don't wear makeup at all that often. But my mascaras I had no idea how old they were - so I threw them all into the trash. Eye shadow really goes bad after 1 year? I had a bunch of old colours I was going to offer someone I know for her daughter when she plays dressup - but I guess I'm going to trash it. Good to know.

I cleaned up my hair accessories drawer, but tomorrow I've got to tackle my desk drawer - what a pig sty!

For dinner, I made pasta (whole wheat for me and regular for Jamie and his friend Daniel who came over to hang out with Jamie tonight). I used jar sauce, but added in meat and spices to spice it up - cuz jar sauce sucks now that I know how to make my own, but I didn't have all the ingredients to make my own homemade sauce (I plan on making a large batch of homemade sauce soon... stock up since we have a bed freezer in the basement!)

I'm going to go watch some TV and crochet some more.

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