Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 30$ Loot

I heart these bamboo crochet needles!

I got up early this morning because my 3 year old nephew gets up really early.

All day I did stuff around my office, worked a bit more on the new baby blanket for my friend due in March, and watched a lot more of Six Feet Under Season 3. Almost done! I think I will be done the entire series before I know it.

No wedding "negatives" on DVD from my wedding photographer yet. Maybe tomorrow.
This evening we had an Xmas party for my dad's company.

My dad sold tickets for a raffle (he got prizes donated from suppliers and stuff) and raised money for the Montreal Children's Hospital. (He does this every year). This year, I got 10$ from Jamie, put it with my 20$ and with 30$ we got 2x 5$ tickets for the big prize draw and 20 x 1$ tickets for the smaller draw or prizes. I walked out with: a 25$ gift certificate to Costco (I AM DYING TO GO DO AN ORDER THERE - I'm not a member but with a gift certifcate you can go in), a wireless mouse (Jamie wanted one) a VCR - which is perfect because mine's dying (it's almost 10 years old) and I still need it to tape O.C. and stuff (lol), and a bunch of other little things like a hat and a pen holder (which actually went home with my brother). I had fun - and money got raised for a good cause.

I'm dying to open up a bottle of wine, but it's getting late. Actually it's only 10:30pm. I would absolutely love to enjoy a bottle. Maybe I'll open one up soon... have some more tomorrow. I am not going anywhere tomorrow - except to the post office to pick up a package that I missed tonight while we were out at the Xmas party. I think after I'm done this post I am going to crawl into bed with a glass of wine and my crochet blanket (I am on a roll with getting these accomplished) and with the end of Season 2 of Six Feet Under! Sounds like a plan.

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