Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blanket Complete.


Last night yet again I "missed" the post man. He left me a slip stating that I "missed" what he delivered because I wasn't home, but I WAS. I received one delivery at 9:08pm last night, the yarn and something else from the book club (the crochet books) and then the card that was left in my mailbox said 21h30 meaning on the 24 hour clock: 9:30pm. WHY DIDN'T HE OR SHE RING MY BELL? I don't know, but it's a huge piss off. So on my way out to lunch I stopped by the post office. I got the number from them for head office and after the holidays I am going to call and complain. The woman at the post office said that maybe it was because the box was too big to carry to my front door - but it was a small box that I picked up - with the 3 cameras (lomography) that I ordered off ebay. It's soooo annoying. And it is like the 3rd time this has happened all week.

I finished the baby blanket last night, I think it looks fantastic. So many projects that I want to do now! The list is over flowing and so is the yarn!

This evening Jamie took me to Walmart. Actually, I took him -seeing as though he didn't really spend any money on himself, and I drove. Anyhow, he let me pick out some stuff that I wanted - he was spending some money on me! That was very nice of him. So since that was my "stocking stuffers" I let him open his stocking stuffers this evening, and he liked everything that I filled it with!

I'm upset that still no marks are posted online.

Going to go watch some TV in bed. Or maybe on the couch. I don't want it to disturb Jamie.

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