Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Errand Day

I got an email from my teacher today, as I had emailed her to find out what I got in my final project, since NONE of my marks are posted on the school gradeline yet.
She emailed me back:

Hi Robyn! My break is really starting today...ahhhhhhhhh.................. I'm happy to know that you will be working & experimenting things during your break, I am going to do the same! For your final project, I gave you 29/30. I am really happy with what you did, and the fact that even if you don't like drawing, you really worked hard to achieve something interesting. Also making the world 3D was audacious. Congratulations! Have a nice break! Claudine

I wasn't sure what audacious meant, so I looked it up:

au·da·cious ( P ) Pronunciation Key(รด-dshs)adj.Fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold. See Synonyms at adventurous. See Synonyms at brave.

Hmm. I'm very HAPPY with my 29/30 - which brings me to a 94/100 in her class, by adding up all the assignments we've done this semester. Now, I found out that the school has the right to adjust your final mark by taking off 3% for each absent missed that is more than 3 absenses in a row or 5 absenses in the entire semester. I have only missed 2 classes, not in a row, so I'm NOT worried. Which means I should be getting final mark - 94% in my creativity class. I am very happy about this. I have no idea what my other final marks will be - but I know I've passed everything. I hope they post the marks soon - I'm going NUTS not knowing.

Today I spent most of the day watching Season 1 of Six Feet Under and sorting through wedding photos.

I just finished watching Nip/Tuck season finale for season 3. It was a 2 hour special and boy was it SICK AND FANTASTIC. This show keeps getting even more and more sick and twisted, let me tell you. I love it. I love it!

Bed time. Want to get a good start (early too) on my day tomorrow. So many things to do and I will try to have a money free day tomorrow. Let's see if I can do it. I have some project and chores to do - and I want to make some meat sauce. I picked up the last few ingredients tonight, so hopefully I can just make it tomorrow.

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