Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy 30th Birthday Jamie!

This morning we got up early, to meet Jamie's mom and her wife for breakfast. We went to Chez Cora - which now offers crepes in whole wheat and buckwheat (good to know!) BUT I was craving a bagel with creme cheese and lox, and they don't carry whole wheat bagels anymore due to lack of demand.

Jamie's 30th birthday today. We're going to go out either next Friday or Saturday night to our favourite restaurant to celebrate his birthday as well as me finishing school! Tonight, we had hockey tickets for the Canadiens game against the Ducks. What a shitty game, and that's not because we lost. It's because they actually played a shitty game. We lost 5-3, and it was just horrid. There was a guy behind us who spilled a little bit of beer on me (so gross) but he apologized and he was being really loud the entire game. Then there was this other guy who was sitting 2 seats over from us - who has season tickets as well, that I didn't realize Jamie knew from baseball during the summer, and boy was he being obnoxious. Jamie said the guy was a loser and oh boy did he show it this evening. He was yelling at all the players, and stomping and hitting things. His wife, who was sitting next to him looked very embarrased. He at one point hit the metal on the bar infront of our seats and actually caused it to dent pretty badly. Jamie hoped he broke his hand doing that one.

I'm off to watch Apprentice from Thursday night in bed with Jamie. End off the rest of his birthday in bed cuddling. I'll probably try to finish the baby blanket I'm working on. Goodnight.

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