Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cancelled Domain

My presentation this morning went really well. I will find out my mark from this teacher as I have her email address and she'll give it to me next week. Unless my marks are posted earlier on the school's grade system, then I can figure out for myself what the mark I got was... But I'm sure I did superwell. I took some pictures in class this morning, I wanted to share them here.

I came home after class and started working on things in the house. I cleaned the bathroom with the new Mr. Clean bathroom aparatus Magic Reach. I LOVE IT. I'm a sucker for these kinds of things... especially SWIFFER DUSTERS! Love them!

As I was in the middle of putting salmon in the oven to bake for dinner, Laura calls me from school, to help me with the end of my project. Turns out I don't have the proper colour chart on my PC and she could only help me on the MACs at school. So.. I wait until dinner is ready, throw my piece of salmon in a tupperwear and head off to school. Jamie's disappointed because we were supposed to hang out tonight, and I just wanted to stay in. But you know what? I am SOOO happy that I went into school and got my project over with. Now I can sleep easy tonight, and not stress out tomorrow in school. I then tried helping Laura with a project that was actually due about 3 weeks ago or so in our class for tomorrow morning, but I told her to look on her computer to see what files she has, and that I will help her further on it tomorrow. I just wanted to get home, it was getting late... I also didn't want to leave Laura alone at school until whatever time, and then walk alone at night downtown to her car. So I stayed with her, started working on another crochet blanket (as soon as there is more progress I will post pictures online, right now it's just the first few rows and it's coming along, but nothing exciting to photograph yet). When we were done, I walked Laura to her car, and then she drove me to mine, so we wouldn't be alone at night walking. Better safe than sorry.

Glad to be home. Came in, showered and then while attempting to blow dry my hair - I didn't feel like going to bed with wet hair - and then my hair still being damp in the morning and then being cold in school, as school is cold and wet hair makes me shiver... NOT GOOD.... Anyhow, so while attempting to blow dry my hair... this happened...

I am okay, just got shocked a little bit, and I'm really upset because I really liked this blow drier. It was sooo good and took no time at all to dry my hair and it was my favourite hair drier. Thank goodness I have another one, and older one, as backup, because I shouldn't really be spending money on a new hair drier at this time...

... I will give it a proper burial service and it'll go out in the trash tomorrow. So sad.

While at school this evening, I had a banana bread in the oven, Jamie took it out when it was done for me. How sweet. It came out really good (just had a piece!)

Banana Bread (HEALTHY!)

1 cup splenda instead of sugar (for my diet)
1/2 cup shortening (crisco)
2 eggs (omega-3)
2 cups whole wheat flour (for my diet)
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 soft, ripe bananas, mashed

Cream splenda and shortening; add eggs, flour, soda, bananas, and chopped nuts (if you want). Pour banana bread batter into 1 greased and floured loaf pan; bake at 325° for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. This banana (nut) bread recipe makes 1 loaf.

I cancelled my domain today. First off, I wasn't using my website. I needed it as a project to graduate (which I could have gotten free hosting with the school, but I wanted to buy my name, actually I bought my name about 2 years ago). I had a 2 year contract which expired on Dec. 11th/05. They said they were going to hold my domain for a few more days for me to decide what package I wanted to go with. I will be learning web design next semester, and if I feel that I need a domain again, I will purchase another one then - at that time. Right now I am not even sure I would want to keep my name as my website address, so it's best this way. So ontop of that being cancelled I had to email the company that I get my website hosted with and cancel that subscription too. The first one with my domain was a payment once a year or once every 2 years, but the hosting is a monthly fee of 16$ with taxes. Basically that was for the space to upload onto my domain name. A waste of 192$ that I don't need to spend right now. So right now I will be saving 192$ next year from cancelled my hosting, and saving about 60$ plus taxes (30$ a year) for my domain name. I already like the sound of SAVING!

I was kind of sad to see my website go... but you know what? I'm not a working photographer right now even if I'm a graduated professional, and also I'm not a working Graphic Designer yet, so I still have time to sign back up in the future. But for now, I feel that it was a wise decision to cancel it. I still had to pay for the month of December - as today is the 15th and my billing date was the 12th, so I still have hosting space until the 11th of January, but no use for it. Oh well.

One more 8 am class until next year (who knows what my schedule will be like next semester). So I'm off to bed to actually be able to wake up tomorrow morning on time. Oh boy will I NOT be setting my alarm on Saturday morning!

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